#nowPlaying "Wake & Bake" by Rice Master Yen and Crusa

German producer Rice Master Yen's jazz-laced beats give his playlist the feel of a vintage YO! MTV RAPS marathon. It's really struck a chord with Jersey underground emcees like GM favorites like Venomous 2000 and King Ra, which is how I came to know him...

Anyways, peep this playlist, starting with a new joint Wake & Bake that he did with this cat Crusa. Video's nothing special, but it has that vibe... another really sweet one is French 75 with rhymes by Zilla Rocca.

Anyways, since Crusa is the one who emailed this track to me, I looked into him (yup) and found this record Ode to Myself that he dropped on bandcamp last month. Heh. Nice...
So what's the moral of the story? Stop complaining about hip hop. Turn off your teevee & corporate radio and try a little bit harder to find (and support) stuff you like. It's out there. I promise.

click this, sucka...

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