Paula Deen versus Black Jesus

Alfonso Amey uses the program ToonBoom to make his cartoon Black Jesus. In this episode, Paula Deen prays for forgiveness, and is surprised to get an answer from Black Jesus.

In case you missed it, Paula Deen is the Food Network superstar chef who recently drew the ire of the country by admitting her use of the word nigger "in the past", and her desire to give her son a slave-era plantation themed wedding, complete with tap-dancing coon servants. 
So yeah... Black Jesus ain't tryin'a hear that shit, yo. Anyways, this was funny. Peep more Black Jesus toons on Amey's Cartooniverce youTube channel.



Antony Drossos said...

Damn, that was WAAAY too short!

samax amen said...

Yeah! I would love to see longer episodes. This has a lot of potential.

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