CLASSIC MATERIAL! Goodwin and Simonson on ALIEN comic

I was rolling through Brandon Graham's livejournal (because we all know i heart his book King City. You've been buying it, right? RIGHT?!?), and he posted a link to an old Heavy Metal adaptation of the Ridley Scott sci-fi/horror classic Alien by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson. did i mention Walt Simonson is pro'lly my favorite comicbook artist of all time? I'm sure i did... anyways, click the pic for a 61 page passport to the land of HellYesistan! this is early, crazy expressive, yet-still-well-illustrated Simonson at its best!
easy now,

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when all else fails, grab some De La... a great way to start your day!

Holla Day Greeting Cards on SALE!

Season's Greetings, as they say on teevee! now that the so-called Black Friday sales have come and gone (and i hope you got some great deals), here's a couple greeting card designs you can cop for the people on your lists... to prepare for the new year, I wanna clear out my stock of Holla Day cards, so i'll lower the price of these designs to 3 bucks each while supplies last ($1.99 less than the regular price in my online store)... even less if you buy the 10 or 20 packs! I showed these designs to my email list before i went to my Nanna's house, and they've responded with several orders! i wish I would'a took some cards with me to the fam! i bet they would have bought some!
anyways, it's good to be back home and on the Jay Oh! which means putting my Holla Day Cards on Sale for the people here on the ghettoManga blog! we got the ever-popular Ya Better Watch Out cards and Be Cool (with frosty geared up in Blue or Red) holla day cards on sale right now for $3 each! if you're looking to spread the holla day cheer around in a BIG way, get 'em in packs of 10 ($2 per card) or 20 ($1.50 per card).

single cards

packs of 10

packs of 20

Don't Call it a Comeback: Mos+Kweli On Jimmy Fallon

History by Blackstar (bka the mighty Mos Def and Talib Kweli) on Jimmy Fallon. Nice performance. Fallon is one of the worst talk show hosts ever, but having the Roots backing up musical guests means lots of YouTube heat... nice move Jimbo!

((This is Gonna be DOPE!))

Bendis and Coipel. Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. Asgard Falls. "Mommy, I want it!"
here's the Sales Pitch:
the Marvel Universe has been left with its greatest villains holding more power and control than ever before. On the brink of madness, Osborn, in his final bid to take total control, targets the final obstacle in his mission…Asgard. Events are set in motion forcing our heroes to put aside the deep rifts that have grown over the past seven years. Opposing them stand a horde of evil that has begun to take down the gods of the Golden Realm! SIEGE will rock the foundations of every super hero, villain and team in the Marvel Universe. As an era ends, one word will ring above all others…”SIEGE.”
click the pic to peep pencils by that dude Oliver Coipel. SIEGE drops January 2010

Ninja commission art

Nuff respect to that dude J.R. LeMar for taking advantage of the convention prices on Holla Day Commissions to get this drawing of his original character Ninjihad. i mean, y'all know how i feel about ninjas, so you know i enjoyed drawing this! and homeland security has nothing to fear: Ninjihad's a good guy , and he's already a fan favorite in the ghettoManga office!
anyways hope you're enjoying your Ninjasday... the week's half over, people! hang in there...

Ninja Assassin Red Band Trailer

please enjoy this Ninja Assassin trailer, which packs more gore and blood in efforts to get you out into theaters this Genocide Jumpoff weekend. enjoy!

Start The Day Off Right------->

it's well known that Ninjas LOVE Wu-Tang Clan, so it makes sense to start off Ninjasday with a fresh Wu-Tang classic! rather than go with Protect Ya Neck (as i started to), i decided to go with the lesser-known Hollow Bones off classic Wu record The W. dope verses from Rae, Inspectah Deck and Ghostface that are definitely Ninja-approved. I know lots of people are hitting the road today for the holla day weekend, so be safe out there!

For all the REAL Hip Hoppers

Columbus Finest crew, the mighty GREENHOUSE (aka Blueprint and Illogic) has returned with a new 6 track EP Electric Purgatory, Part One, and you can listen to and cop that joint FREE of charge, courtesy of the fine folks at Weightless Records.
<a href="">Gettin There by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)</a>

Another Milestone in my career...

I've been doing fan art and commissions since 2001 when i started self-publishing as 1/5th of the mighty GhostWerks crew, but I had never been asked to draw any of the Milestone characters until this Holla Day commission sale, when one of my customers tapped me for this drawing of Hardware, Milestone's flagship character. I just tried to have fun with it. I'm at a point right now where i really enjoy drawing in photoshop... and when people pay me to do it, i like it even better! hope you guys enjoy the the drawing!

Well I'll be VAN DAMMED!

trailer for the straight-to-video Universal Soldier:Regeneration yep. UA is definitely on the Movies That Should Be Comics list...

(Rated H for HELL YES!)

click the pic for a preview of the new Powers relaunch. more superheroes, cops, and gratuitous cussin' and sex than you thought you could get from a mainstream comic! here's the sales pitch:
Because you asked for it, you got it... POWERS IS BACK!! MONTHLY!! From the writer of your favorite blockbuster Marvel comics (DARK AVENGERS, NEW AVENGERS, SECRET INVASION, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) Brian Michael Bendis and award-winning artist Michael Oeming (Mice Templar) comes a brand new chapter in one of the most successful creator-owned comics of the decade! Homicide Detectives Christian Walker and Enki Sunrise investigate murders specific to super hero cases... powers. Where super hero and crime comics explode into each other! This new number one is the PERFECT jumping on point for new readers and a glorious return to form for long time fans. And yes, this book will be shipping monthly. And yes, our horrible letter column is back!!

word. Powers #1 drops November 25th.

Black Panther VS Namor!

In case you haven't been paying attention, things are heating up on Black Panther. The new Panther is trying to figure out who's been behind the Royal Family's recent crises, and the mysterious mastermind has duped her into going head up with Namor, ruler of Atlantis! meanwhile her brother T'Challa (the TRUE King and Black Panther) prepares his army of warrior concubines to bang heads with the forces of Dr. Doom, and Storm battles an unstoppable and unnatural destructive force. I think the Fantastic Four show up too...
anyways, click the cover for a free preview. Black Panther #11 hits stores December 15th. for more Black Panther previews, news, etc go here.

Free Beats + Rhymes from Columbus' Finest

<a href="">Damn by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)</a>


the Ladies of She, The Hard Way (StaHHr, Sa-Roc, Rita J,Boog Brown & Khalilah Ali) represent on Breakdown produced by Sol Messiah, off their upcoming plate. for the Blaxploitation fans, this joint's laced with the Pam Grier joint for the video (NICE!).

This had me DYING!!!

Even A Caveman Can Do It by Pepe Moreno

Look, Up in the Sky...

sometimes i forget that not all of you read my art blog... this is the 'angry Superman' drawing i mentioned in the Black Power post... i dropped it a couple times on other places, but forgot to post here on GhettoManga.
my bad. so anyways, I was never a big Superman fan, but I'm interested in drawing him now. many people have remarked that i make him look angry... maybe i got a problem with authority or something! LOL!

The Dog Years DROPS!

don't look now, but that dude Drayonis has collected his romantic comedy smash The Dog Years into a brand new 100 page paperback volume, just in time for the Holla Days! The first 100 books will be accompanied by a free poster and postcard! The Dog Years is the laugh out loud story of Trey, a twenty something toy designer whose catastrophic break-up from his overbearing (yet-hot) fiance Jalissa lands him in his boys' care, at which point, they do what men do... when i first came across this comic, i knew this dude was onto something. with each chapter, he manages to convince me i was right. writer-artist Drayonis has the writing talent, comedic whit, and drawing chops to be a cross-over hit, so get in on it now! click the pic to order, or if you STILL sleeping, peep The Dog Years for FREE here. but please hear me when i say you NEED this comic!

Is it the 27th Yet?

I'm not sure if this BlakRoc record could POSSIBLY come out fast enough...
DOWNLOAD: BlakRoc – Dollaz & Sense f. the mighty Pharoahe Monch & RZA

Start the Day off Right ---------->

I follow these cats on Twitter and they drop a gang of tracks on the regular, and they are certified DOPE! they were supposed to make it to Dallas last month but the show got canceled. you better believe i will catch them if they ever roll through... anyways, tap the play button if you haven't already for some pure fire!
The Lyricists "Man On Fire" feat. Mike Melton3 by thelyricists

My NEXT Favorite Super Hero...

what's up fam! here's another commission joint for J.R. LeMar. He was impressed with my 'angry Superman' drawing and asked me to bring the rage to his militant superhero Black Power (notice his symbol is a power switch like the one on your computer) after I finished the other ones I did for him, and of course I was happy to oblige. this was a fairly quick sketch with a watercolor marker, tightened up with a .08 micron. i shaded the face and filled in the blackspot shapes in photoshop. I had a blast doing this one... played around with the black spotting and was really pleased with the result. We talked a little bit about the character before I started drawing, and I definitely would like to read this dude's adventures. Hopefully, JR will get some books out with this character, so I can read more...

Sketchbook Wisdom #7

"I've failed as much as I've succeeded. But I love my life. I love my wife. And I wish you MY kind of success"
-the late, great Dickie Fox (Jerry McGuire)


I never actually got around to seeing Quinto's stylized WWII joint Inglorious Basterds, but that doesn't impair my ability to appreciate the Kirbyesque comic adaptation mock-ups of the Tarantino war splatterfest over at of course having a brother on one of 'em got them featured over here, but you can check out the rest of 'em at their website.

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I rode in my brother-in-law's tee top bumping this as a pre-teen (back when he was dating my sister in high school), and haven't been right since. thanks jazz...

Buy Original Art by Mike Hawthorne (SNAKE EYES, Anyone?)

one of our favorite artists is having an original art sale this Holla Day season! yeah, that dude Mike Hawthorne (G.I. JOE: Origins, Hysteria, Un-Men) will have different pieces of high quality original art for sale each week, from now until Christmas! among the selections right now is everybody's #1 ninja in the chain of command, Snake Eyes from G.I. JOE: Origins! click the pic to bounce over to Mike's dot com and preview this and other ill joints!

Quotable: NinjasDay Wisdom

"If your story is about ninjas, be sure to mention them in the first sentence. If it's not, why isn't it?"
- from the fake AP Stylebook,
Style tips for proper writing
-In case you didn't know, I have flexed my close personal relationship with President Obama (because all black people know each other) and we have officially changed Wednesday to Ninjasday. Appropriately, we at ghettoManga will break you off a Ninja-approved video of some sort (to help you Start the Day off Right) plus some Ninja-related wisdom every Ninjasday morning without fail for the Quotable, and seal it with my new joint Ninja Solutions every Ninjasday Afternoon. if you have art or Ninjaworthy content to share, hit me at if our staff of Ninja experts deem it worthy, you'll see it on a Ninjasday!

DeadLocke turns the Tables

These days it's not unusual for a comic to get made into a movie. But in the case of Deadlocke, it's the other way around (but maybe i'm getting ahead of myself). see, DEADLOCKE is based on the novel Venomous by Chris Krovatin, which is already being adapted for a feature film. The comic was adapted for comics by that dude Arvid Nelson (Thulsa Doom, Rex Mundi, Zero Killer) and artist Nick Stakal with a cover by Jock (The Losers). The book follows a hapless art nerd who seemingly sublimates his subconscious violent rage into Deadlocke, the demonic antihero of the comics he draws... which actually works out fine until he falls hard for a spoiled rich girl who drags him into her rawkus lifestyle, and somehow pulls his diabolical alter-ego from the printed page into the real world!

I haven't read Venomous so i can't confirm this, but Deadlocke (which i HAVE read) reads a lot like the Cliff Notes to a really good novel.This comic feels as if it pulls 20-30 minutes from the movie version and drops it on you in comics form. If this movie was out this weekend, I would go watch it. If there were more issues of this comic (or maybe a spinoff HINT HINT), I would be interested in buying them. But the movie's not made yet, and this comic is a 32 page One-shot, so that's that. as it stands, Deadlocke was a good read, different than the other stuff i read this week, and that was enough to make me look at customer reviews of Venomous on Amazon, which were mostly positive. for those too broke or nervous to commit, flirt with Deadlocke on Facebook, but really, just go to the comic shop this afternoon and check it out, since it hits stores today.

Start the Day Off Right---------->

Happy Ninjasday everyone! here's the Ninja-Approved Hip hop classic, D Original by Jeru The Damaja.


Commissions are STIIILLLL going!
here's the character drawings i did for my facebook/ myspace/ blogoshpere friend J.R. LeMar of his character Mythical Man. I drew them with a watercolor marker and tightened it up with a micron and some judicious photoshopping (i actually drew the sword in photoshop). hope y'all like 'em. did these as part of the Holla Day commissions drive to help keep a brotha's money right!

here's the commission prices if you're interested in getting your own. these are essentially my convention prices, made available over the net thanks to the fine folks at paypal!

one color, digital delivery ----> $10
full color, digital delivery ---> $20
digital print one color --------> $20 (includes shipping)
digital print full color -------> $25 (includes shipping)
original one color on bristol --> $25 (includes shipping)
original full color on bristol -> $35 (includes shipping)

for more details on commissions, go here. if you have any questions, just get at me.

Goin' OUT like a G?

Anybody who's been routinely buying Marvel comics is already familiar with the work of Chris Giarrusso, whose parody strip Mini Marvels ran in Marvel books for years...
these led to his Comic Bits backup feature in Savage Dragon and eventually to his first G-Man series, Learning To Fly. Now G-man is back in G-Man: Cape Crisis. Giarrusso has a killer sense of humor, lacing what is actually a fairly action-packed book with lots of recurring gags and superhero parody.
if you've been reading Cape Crisis, click the cover for a preview of #4, but if not, do yourself a favor and go to ChrisG and get familiar! G-Man: Cape Crisis hits comics shops tomorrow the 18th

Jinkies! Velma and Scooby go HARD!

We've Got Some Work To Do Now by Travis Pitts
This drawing all by itself is hard enough to land on this blog, but the fact that those fine folks at Threadless have made it possible to get this joint on a teeshirt makes it the T'ing of the Week. I mean, an R-rated animated film called Scooby Doo Vs Zombies in full blood and guts glory deserves to happen but never will, but at least you can get it on a tee shirt. Thanks Threadless!

start the Day off Right-------->

Little Young by Masta Ace and Edo G off that instant classic joint Arts & Entertainment. It's safe to say that heads have been checking for Masta Ace since the Yo!MTV RAPS era, as he's one of those cats that's always mixed up in collabos and supergroups, but I hadn't gave a stray thought to Edo G in years! it brings a smile to see a cat jump out and represent for his old fans and make a play for new ones. if you missed the downloads, hit the 'FREE TRACKS' tag and cop a couple joints off this, and don't be surprised if you find yourself with a strong desire to buy the spinner. click the pic if you're already a believer and partake from the fount of Amazon.

Raekwon, Murs, and Xzibit on that Ninja Isht

Ninja Assassin "Legacy" Ft. Raekwon, Murs & Xzibit
i guess this joint's on the Ninja Assassin soundtrack, but I'm not sure. Murs dropped this joint on his Twitter last night. hope y'all feelin' it.

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Crash - Strange Fruit Project feat. Thesis from S1/ S.K.P. Film and Photo on Vimeo.

Dallas Webcomics Expo is TODAY!

Right now I'm getting ready to go to the Dallas Webcomics Expo, which takes place in Plano,TX today . I'm going primarily to find new webcomics and stuff to talk about on this blog, but i'll also be at a table 'longside my man Corance of the mighty GhostWerks crew, and we'll be happy to sell comics, magazines and assorted t'ing. I'll have several new prints like this SWEET drawing of Panda from Jason Pearson's Body Bags i completed this week for those who can make it out here's a map where we will be at below.

I'll be selling the 8 x 11 prints (i got this Spiderman joint, plus Batman and Superman prints on deck as well) for $10 each at the show, and probably doing some commission sketches too. I know not everyone can make it out to one of our shows, so if you're looking to get a drawing, convention prices are in effect for the Holla Day season. If you want a print, you can pay w/Paypal. if you're interested in a commission, get at me!



Blakroc Webisode 9- Pharoahe's Big Score

Blakroc w/ the mighty Pharoahe Monch
the "HellYesathon" that is Blakroc continues...

Because I guess the Sinister Six were busy...

I guess I can't blame this on the cops... dude was running around Hollywood dressed as Spiderman and cops had to show up and corral him after he beat up on somebody. although the villain... i mean victim refused to press charges, Spidey was scooped on warrants anyways. What's up with people wildin' out in Spidey costumes? i mean, if it was the Venom suit, i would GET it... psychosomatic symbiote symptoms being what they are, but the classic Spidey suit? this dude even LOOKS like he was drawn by Ditko... this has got to stop!

New Art, Dallas WebComics Expo, and other stuff...

happy Friday everybody (even though it's the 13th)! I've been keeping busy doing commissions and getting ready for the Dallas Webcomics Expo, which takes place in Plano,TX this Saturday. I'm going primarily to find new webcomics and stuff to talk about on this blog, but i'll also be at a table 'longside my man Corance of the mighty GhostWerks crew, and we'll be happy to sell comics, magazines and assorted t'ing. I'll have several new prints like this SWEET drawing of Panda from Jason Pearson's Body Bags i completed while you were sleeping last night! for those who can make it out here's a map where we will be at below.

I'll be selling the 8 x 11 prints (i got this Spiderman joint, plus Batman and Superman prints on deck as well) for $10 each at the show, and probably doing some commission sketches too. I know not everyone can make it out to one of our shows, so if you're looking to get a drawing, convention prices are in effect for the Holla Day season. If you want a print, you can pay w/Paypal. if you're interested in a commission, get at me!



FREE Rayz Walz!

yeah, that dude C-Rayz Walz got this joint for you to download. if you like emcee battles, freestyle rhymes, or want an introduction to real hipHop, you need go no further than this super-prolific emcee. click the pic to download the free compilation Where the Walz Things Are.

Start The Day Off Right ------->

Baby Phat by De La Soul

Black Panther, Thulsa Doom, and Luke Cage:NOIR, in stores today

lots of great comics for you to give a look at your friendly neighborhood comicshop (if you live in the 'hood, there probably isn't a comic shop in your neighborhood, but you know what i mean), and I got some FREE previews for you courtesy of CBR. first up is Dynamite Entertainment's Thulsa Doom #3 (no relation to the hip hop supervillain, in case you're wondering) about an Atlantian warrior-anti-hero type dude who bears a striking resemblance to Djimon Hounsou (Amistad, Gladiator, Blood Diamond, Constantine, Push) that is totally intentional, no matter what the lawyers say. here's the Sales Pitch:
The origin of the ultimate anti-hero, Thulsa Doom Continues! Atlantis is destroyed! The world is in chaos! And Thulsa seeks his own path to ultimate power! From the pages of writer Robert E. Howard comes Dynamite's Thulsa Doom! Written by Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi, Zero Killer) and illustrated by Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio, the daring opening story arc continues!

i read issue 2, and it was pretty good! click the cover for a free preview!
also in stores today you'll find the latest issue of Black Panther (# 10, for those keeping score at home), which -as i've said before- is getting REALLY good under new writer Jonathan Maberry. here's the sales pitch:
Wakanda is under siege on all fronts. Storm brings her weather powers to bear against an unnatural force that threatens to sweep the land with blight and famine…T’Challa takes another step into the dark and destructive world of vengeance…and the new Black Panther prepares for a showdown with the last person linked to the assassination attempt on her brother: Prince Namor.
another day in the life of the Wakandan Royal Family... click the pic to get familiar via free preview.
And Finally, I wish i could tell you more about Marvel's "NOIR" books, but from what i can tell, it's putting an old-school noir style take on some of their characters. I saw a Daredevil Noir book last time i was in the comic shop, but didn't read it. but i came a across a free preview on Luke Cage: NOIR #4 that i thought i'd link you to... here's the sales pitch:
Luke Cage has been set up. Now he’s going to settle the score. And Harlem will never be the same. So lock your doors and order up some extra body bags, because things are about to get real bloody. Luke finally learns the truth about Stryker, Tombstone, Officer Rachman, and the mysterious man that has been yanking his chain this whole time, from right under his nose.
what do you guys think? peep the preview and let me know!
anyways, if you make it to the comic shop today, here's a few titles to check out! let me know what you're checking for and what you picked up too! a'ight?

Ninja Solution#1 work-related Stress Relief

You'd be surprised at the problems you can solve with Ninjas.
For example, on-the-job stress is a leading cause of high blood pressure, ulcers, heart disease and other preventable illnesses. Don't suffer unnecessarily!
the next time your boss or another co-worker does something that stresses you, just follow these easy steps:
1) picture a ninja carrying out swift and ruthless vengeance on him (or her), and you will feel an instant relief of work-related pressure.
2) if that doesn't work, contact an actual ninja and have them waste your co-worker for real!
3) repeat until work-related stress subsides.
i hope that helps!
stay tuned for more Ninja Solutions!
(got a problem? we're here to help!

Indy Comic Book Week is coming!

those fine folks Space Gun Studios and Indy Comic Book Week dot com got these ICBW Tees and t'ing available for you if you wanna support the Indy Comic Book Week movement. there's a slew of dope books in the works due to drop during that week on December 30, 2009 including my artbook Spontaneous:2009, so leave a little space on your credit card for some post-Christmas comic-shoppin'! peep some of the Indy heat at the ICBW blog.

Do You Smell What the Roc is Cookin'?

Blakroc: Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones from Jonah Schwartz on Vimeo.

Rock group The Black Keys + Dame Dash = Blakroc, in stores 11/27. Album also features Mos Def, Q-Tip, RZA, Ludacris, Pharoahe Monch, NOE, Nicole Wray, Billy Danze, Raekwon and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. if you were planning on dropping your album on that date, MOVE it or there's gonna be a freakin' problem!

Joe Kelly, Skottie Young and Eric Canete on ONE COMIC? where do i SIGN?!

I admit that i sleep on Marvel too much. ever since those bastards made an issue of Spiderman where my favorite superhero essentially sells his soul to the devil because he is too much of punk ass to deal with the realities of life, it has been a downward spiral in my relationship with the nation's leading publisher of fine spandex brawling. but THIS is too important to let pass...
that dude Eric Canete is handling the art chores on Amazing Spiderman, and Skottie Young is drawing the covers... and that's for a Joe Kelly script co-starring DEADPOOL! if that doesn't make your head spin, take a moment to spin it manually! anyways, click the pic and go check out a short preview... if it doesn't blow your mind, please return to the rest of your day with my apologies. otherwise, feel free to geek out with me in the comments.

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