DeadLocke turns the Tables

These days it's not unusual for a comic to get made into a movie. But in the case of Deadlocke, it's the other way around (but maybe i'm getting ahead of myself). see, DEADLOCKE is based on the novel Venomous by Chris Krovatin, which is already being adapted for a feature film. The comic was adapted for comics by that dude Arvid Nelson (Thulsa Doom, Rex Mundi, Zero Killer) and artist Nick Stakal with a cover by Jock (The Losers). The book follows a hapless art nerd who seemingly sublimates his subconscious violent rage into Deadlocke, the demonic antihero of the comics he draws... which actually works out fine until he falls hard for a spoiled rich girl who drags him into her rawkus lifestyle, and somehow pulls his diabolical alter-ego from the printed page into the real world!

I haven't read Venomous so i can't confirm this, but Deadlocke (which i HAVE read) reads a lot like the Cliff Notes to a really good novel.This comic feels as if it pulls 20-30 minutes from the movie version and drops it on you in comics form. If this movie was out this weekend, I would go watch it. If there were more issues of this comic (or maybe a spinoff HINT HINT), I would be interested in buying them. But the movie's not made yet, and this comic is a 32 page One-shot, so that's that. as it stands, Deadlocke was a good read, different than the other stuff i read this week, and that was enough to make me look at customer reviews of Venomous on Amazon, which were mostly positive. for those too broke or nervous to commit, flirt with Deadlocke on Facebook, but really, just go to the comic shop this afternoon and check it out, since it hits stores today.

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