CLASSIC MATERIAL! Goodwin and Simonson on ALIEN comic

I was rolling through Brandon Graham's livejournal (because we all know i heart his book King City. You've been buying it, right? RIGHT?!?), and he posted a link to an old Heavy Metal adaptation of the Ridley Scott sci-fi/horror classic Alien by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson. did i mention Walt Simonson is pro'lly my favorite comicbook artist of all time? I'm sure i did... anyways, click the pic for a 61 page passport to the land of HellYesistan! this is early, crazy expressive, yet-still-well-illustrated Simonson at its best!
easy now,


Robert Trujillo said...

Its up my dude, check this sister named Anita Tijoux-MC from Chile:

Arkonbey said...


Though a sad reminder of when Heavy Metal magazine was worth buying...

big Shane said...

damn! you dug in the crates like rapid rick for this! that's classic Simonson, too! I forgot all about that dude!
is he still drawing comics?

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