Commissions are STIIILLLL going!
here's the character drawings i did for my facebook/ myspace/ blogoshpere friend J.R. LeMar of his character Mythical Man. I drew them with a watercolor marker and tightened it up with a micron and some judicious photoshopping (i actually drew the sword in photoshop). hope y'all like 'em. did these as part of the Holla Day commissions drive to help keep a brotha's money right!

here's the commission prices if you're interested in getting your own. these are essentially my convention prices, made available over the net thanks to the fine folks at paypal!

one color, digital delivery ----> $10
full color, digital delivery ---> $20
digital print one color --------> $20 (includes shipping)
digital print full color -------> $25 (includes shipping)
original one color on bristol --> $25 (includes shipping)
original full color on bristol -> $35 (includes shipping)

for more details on commissions, go here. if you have any questions, just get at me.


Dazjae said...

Love him.
Gonna have to get at you for a few commissions *_^

Shine on

samax said...


Corance said...

I say it all the time, but you have some of the best line wieghts in comcis. Keep that bic pen movin'!

Cal Slayton said...

Those are rad.

samax said...

thanks, fam!

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