From the Tower by A L C Z R ™ #NowPlayingAtGhettoMangaHQ

I first ran across Seattle emcee ALCZR ("AL kuh ZAR") via the Soundcloud algorithm and was immediately blown away by his combination of playful delivery and serious lyricism.  Looks Zar dropped a new joint called From the Tower last month...

This video is dope: "COME OVER" by Jorja Smith (feat. Popcaan)

Maybe you're cooler than me and you've already seen the animated sci-fi action romance musical that serves as visuals for Jorja Smith's song for Come Over and gotten over it.  But I just saw it today for the first time...

NIOBE is here to Save Christmas. Sorta...

The eponymous elven hero of Niobe, She Is Life (and Death), is on this variant cover for RUINING CHRISTMAS #1...

Don't Become The Thing You Hate The Most.


Hey fam,

In the nineties I was reading lots of superhero comics that were critiques of the genre.  That is, the characters often existed as an example of what not to do. 

My first attempt at this was the creation of the anti-hero Agent Orange.

Now THAT'S a Hip Hop CO-SIGN

"My baby sister bars blast like Kalashnikovs 
Just because. Heavy bass dance like Baryshnikov..." 
-Black Thought

Rest In Peace- Remembering the mighty RICHARD CORBEN

I just found out that the prolific illustrator and cartoonist 
Richard Corben is dead.  


I have a soft spot in my heart for independent comicbook creators.  To that end, Kickstarter has been a game changer in creating an outlet for creators to fund their projects, and for fans to find them.  Check out this preview of IRON INFINITI, a new action comic on Kickstarter right now.

KickStart THIS- Ruining Christmas

I've known Stranger Comics for dark, weird, and well-made comics in the Niobe-verse, but I've not seen them go for the humor market.  They're swinging for the fences with what looks like a dark, weird, and well-made holiday comedy Ruining Christmas.


'Bout to go for my daily walk.  But first, here's new Tobe Nwigwe, featuring Black Thought and Royce Da 5'9".  You're welcome.

Stay Strong, fam


Speaking of Album Covers...

Eye Traveler's beat tape Joyous Sounds & Other Spells (with dope cover art and poster by me) is out now on multiple platforms!

Rejected Album Cover Gets A New Lease On Life

Y'all know how much I LOVE drawing album covers, right?  So I poured my heart into this one and it got rejected...

LEON Creator Jamar Nicholas Inks 3 BOOK DEAL!!

According to the fine folks at Publisher's Weekly, that dude Jamar Nicholas (Detective Boogaloo, Fist Stick Knife Gun, LEON: Protector of the Playground) has landed a 3 book deal for his kid hero Leon!

#NowPlaying- "THE BATTLE" by MURS + 9TH WONDER

I just found out that MURS and 9th dropped a new limited vinyl pressing of BRIGHTER DAZE, so I took a break from spinning old school jawns and love songs to share this brand new video for the boom bap banger BATTLE!

The New WandaVision trailer, and My Hopes for the Upcoming Disney+ Show

Although I haven't been all that enthused about the post-Thanos MCU news and gossip that has been leaking during the pandemic, I am fully onboard for the upcoming Disney+ exclusive WandaVision

Check out this new WandaVision trailer:

Four words- DAN!!! LISH!!! ART!!!! BOOK!!!


If you don't know who Dan Lish is... Just kickstart his new artbook on my recommendation and thank me later...

Apocalypse, Nah?

Last year I remember saying that Australians feel like it's the end of the world.  2020 is on that "hold my beer, America..."

My Idea for a New X-Men Spinoff by Sophie Campbell

BECAUSE NOBODY DEMANDED IT, Here's my idea for a new X-Men spinoff:

#nowPlaying COLORS by Tobe Nwigwe

(this post was originally written in September of 2018, but was stuck in draft mode, so when I found it, I decided y'all needed it in ya lives...)
The new danger in my headphones right now is that dude Tobe Nwigwe ("WEE gway"), a young dude who shows that hip hop is in good hands...

"A Comic About Cats and Magick" by Eric M Esquivel

I love cats.  I don't own one, but that's okay.  I love lots of people that I don't own.  Anyways, here's a comic that I just swiped from Eric Esquivel's Twitter thread. 

Mike Hawthorne Talks conventions, His new memoir, Spidey influences, Deapool, and more

"I came full circle: From not being able to get gigs because I wasn't good enough, to not being able to get gigs because I was too good."
-Mike Hawthorne

Happy Birthday Anthony Harris!

Massive birthday shout out to my dude
Anthony Harris! Anthony has been incredibly supportive of everything we do here at GhettoManga, and is an unique indie cartoonist in his own right.

WATCH THIS- "Entrepreneur" by Pharrell & Jay-Z

That dude Jason Reeves of 133Art dropped this Pharrell Williams/Jay-Z video Entrepreneur on my timeline yesterday, so I had to share.

#NowPlaying EAT by Tobe Nwigwe, His Baby Mama An Nem

"Was broke, but now I ball like a skinhead.

You only get one shot. That's what Slim said..."
-Fat Nwigwe



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