Yes fam, I make female superheroes too.


Hey fam,

I noticed that although I have mentioned female supporting characters in my bios, I haven't made one for any of my female characters so far.  So I decided I would make a bio for one of my most powerful heroes, Amazing Grace.

Grace has not appeared in any of my comics yet, but she is one that I have done a fair amount of imagineering on.  I created her in the nineties, and she has evolved a lot as I have examined the kinds of heroes I like, and expanded my love and critique of the superhero narrative.
I love this character.  Grace owes a lot to cosmic superhero characters created by guys like Kirby, Starlin, and Ellis. I am not from the school of thought that power corrupts, but that it amplifies what one already is inside.

Think of your grandma, mother, sister, or wife.  What would she do if she had massive power to make things the way she thought they were meant to be, and the knowledge that no one could really stop her? 

What would she build?  What would she destroy? And would she care if anyone liked it or not?
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I am busy, but I have time for you.
Since I actually didn't work much Thanksgiving week, I gotta get back to work now!

Have a great weekend!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen
PS- At least 10% of money I receive is donated to the Innocence Project to help free wrongly-convicted people from prison and to further fight injustice.  Thanks!
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