Blake Lethem speaks on the BIRTH of MF DOOM

My dude Jamar shared this youTube video interview of Blake Lethem, the artist who designed the original and second visages for the everyone's favorite masked microphone master, MF DOOM. As an artist who is infatuated with DOOM's vision and overall place in hip hop culture and history, I enjoyed this four minute clip featuring a well-informed insider's perspective on the super villain's mentality and evolution...

I can't stop listening to "Empire State" by MIGHTY JOSEPH (Vast Aire & Karniege) #nowPlaying

How could I possibly resist Mighty Joseph? Vast Aire and Karniege, two of my favorite emcees? both equally comfy spitting that special blend of nerdcore New York thug genius that I am so enamored with? Conversational flows smuggling weapons-grade wordplay? Plus, one of the illest album covers ever? Once I start bumping Empire State, how the hell can I stop listening to it?

The easy answer is I can't!

Brandon Graham + Gaiman + CBLDF + Tee Shirt = Yes

That dude Brandon Graham has a new tee shirt on Threadless benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The shirt is based on a Neil Gaiman poem, too... and you KNOW how chicks dig Neil Gaiman! Yep. 25% of your purchase will go to the CBLDF! Peep...

KICKSTART THIS- "reMIND Volume 2" by Jason Brubaker

I can't say enough good things about the highly sophisticated all-ages webcomic- turned- hardcover reMIND by indy phenom Jason Brubaker. The first volume blew my mind when I copped it via Kickstarter last year. Now volume two is locked and loaded, with a new chance for you to get in on it. Here's a preview

I FUX WITH THIS---> "Halloween Eve" by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare

Halloween Eve is a magic-filled joint starring a sista who hates Halloween.  I saw this on Kickstarter today and couldn't resist...

Walt Simonson + Red Hulk = Yes, Please!

I'm actually pretty impressed by my own indifference to the whole Avengers VS X-Men crossover going on at the so-called House of Ideas... but I might actually buy Avengers #28, because my favorite artist of all time looks to be in rare form judging from this preview...

PREVIEW- "XOC: The Journey of a Great White"

 Everybody loves sharks. Especially the so-called Great White Shark. Like ferocious living attack submarines, this high-powered carnivore is a hold-over from the time when giant beasts ruled the Earth. For some reason, we humans can't get enough of these aquatic troublemakers. Get a load of XOC: The Journey of a Great White by Matt Dembicki...

Missed the Black Dynamite debut? Watch it here!

In case you just came out from under a rock, the Black Dynamite Animated Series hit the airwaves last Sunday. The episode which parodies the many faces of Michael Jackson held down that 11:30 time slot. If the quality of this episode is any indication, Adult Swim's got another hit on their hands...

PREVIEW- "Glory: Destroyer part three" by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell

It's that time of the month... you know, time for me to remind you that Keatinge and Ross Campbell's run on Glory is rocking my world! Monsters are all up in the little French village Glory's been hiding in... But is Glory the most dangerous beast of them all?

an awesome short comic by Simon Roy

 Since I decided to tradewait on Prophet, I haven't read that much of Simon Roy's comics by way of books in hand. I have read many pages of his work online, and they are always a real treat. Peep this awesome 6 page joint starring a couple birds....

Felipe Smith's dropping a new book at BOOM Studios... sorta

As you might have guessed, we are as pleased as can be to have high-octane cartoonist Felipe Smith (MBQ, Peepo Choo) back in the States after spending the last few years in Japan. In that Meltdown interview I posted a while back, Felipe let slip that he was working on several projects. The first promos have started dropping for Freelancers, the action comedy he co-created with BOOM Studios editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon.


Today's Deviation: 12 page preview of "Potential of Nine" by Taylor Garrity

I discovered indie cartoonist Taylor Garrity through one of the comics groups I follow on DeviantArt. Aside from creating tons of great fan art of the usual pop culture icons, he also crafted a 110 page sci-fi action graphic novel called Potential of Nine that dropped in 2011. check it out...

Preview the hilarious all-ages comic "PANTALONES, TX: DON'T CHICKEN OUT" by Yehudi Mercado

I'm a huge fan of Yehudi Mercado (Buffalo Speedway) so when I saw this trailer for Pantalones, TX: Don't Chicken Out his upcoming all-ages graphic novel, I had to check it out. Peep the youTube trailer and some preview pages below...

start the day off Right w/ Chief Kamachi

My buddy Sheila hipped me to this dude Chief Kamachi. Dude is nice... peep the video for City Blocks off his album Rise & Rhyme Vol 1.

Start the day off Right w/ Manchild

All my fellow Mars ILL fans will be happy to know that Dust and Manchild are hard at work on a new album. While we wait patiently, Manchild is happy to hook us up with Thunderspeak, the new joint he recorded with Mista Min.

Deviant of the Day #118- Beefy-Kunoichi aka James Stanley

If you like manga and hip hop -and lets face it, you probably do if you're reading a blog called GhettoManga- then you need to save a space on your rss feed, bookmarks and whatever other ways you keep track of hot shit for young comics dude James Stanley (aka Beefy Kunoichi), author of upcoming webjoint Part Time Shuffle...

LeSean Tomas's documentary series SEOUL SESSIONS: Episode 2- "The Foreign Exchange"

LeSean's documentary series Seoul Sessions returns detailing his time in South Korea working with arguably the greatest animators on the planet. In this episode LeS builds and destroys with super-talented anime director Kim Kidoo (Madhouse, AIC), working on an animated version of CannonBusters.

PREVIEW- Infernal Man-Thing #1 by Steve Gerber & Kevin Nowlan

Although Marvel's unfortunately named swamp-dwelling monster the Man-Thing was created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and artist Gray Morrow, he is probably most associated with the late horror and superhero scribe Steve Gerber. After writing the character in 39 issues of the horror magazine Adventure Into Fear and subsequent series and guest appearances, Gerber also wrote Man-Thing:  Screenplay of the Living Dead Man, a graphic novel illustrated by Kevin Nowlan. Gerber did not live to see it published, having passed in 2008. Part one of the story is dropping this week as the first issue of The Infernal Man-Thing...

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