PREVIEW- Infernal Man-Thing #1 by Steve Gerber & Kevin Nowlan

Although Marvel's unfortunately named swamp-dwelling monster the Man-Thing was created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and artist Gray Morrow, he is probably most associated with the late horror and superhero scribe Steve Gerber. After writing the character in 39 issues of the horror magazine Adventure Into Fear and subsequent series and guest appearances, Gerber also wrote Man-Thing:  Screenplay of the Living Dead Man, a graphic novel illustrated by Kevin Nowlan. Gerber did not live to see it published, having passed in 2008. Part one of the story is dropping this week as the first issue of The Infernal Man-Thing...

direct edition cover by Art Adams

alternate cover by Gil Kane

Wow. That was weird. So anyways, I always assumed that Man-Thing was a knock off of the much more popular marsh monster Swamp Thing, but as it turns out, Man-Thing was created first. Not only that, but Gerry Conway (who scripted Man-Thing's debut in Savage Tales #1 based on Thomas' detailed plot) was roommates with Len Wein, who co-created Swamp Thing with Berni Wrightson. Swamp Thing's debut in House of Secrets #92 came two months after Man-Thing's Savage Tales #1 dropped in 1971. Click here to get the details via the miracle of Wikipedia.
Anyways, Steve Gerber's last Man-Thing story begins with Infernal Man-Thing #1, which hits stores Wednesday, July 4th.


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GASP!!!!!! must. have.

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In Stores TODAY!

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