Walt Simonson + Red Hulk = Yes, Please!

I'm actually pretty impressed by my own indifference to the whole Avengers VS X-Men crossover going on at the so-called House of Ideas... but I might actually buy Avengers #28, because my favorite artist of all time looks to be in rare form judging from this preview...

Yeah, I hearts the shit out of Walter Simonson. I have met and held intelligent conversations with tons of famous comicbook artists, but when I met Walt Simonson I was reduced to a blushing giggly mess. His work on Thor, X-Factor and Fantastic Four are unparalleled as far as I'm concerned.
I haven't read too much of his new stuff, but most of what I'd seen was not as good as I wanted it to be. This preview looks pretty dope, though. I have to assume this is fill-in work. I mean, the suits at Marvel CAN'T miss me so much as a customer that they would put Simonson on Avengers full-time to lure me back?

Nah... that's crazy talk! So I will probably cop Avengers #28 (which comes out July 25th) the next time I go to the comic shop. Who knows? Maybe they did Even though they probably didn't put Simonson on art chores long-term, I can sit back with this issue and enjoy it for what it is...

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