Sanford Greene interviewed at Comicon about "1,000" and "Rotten Apple" (plus peep lotsa art!)

Sanford Greene speaks on his upcoming comics projects 1,000 and Rotten Apple, why Black Panther should be in Captain America 2 and lots of other stuff you definitely wanna hear...

Rotten Apple is hooker-tight, buddy... Greene debuted Rotten Apple in the Eisner-Award-winning anthology Dark Horse Presents, and the four DHP shorts are being collected into a Rotten Apple  one shot as we speak. Lest ye get caught sleeping, you should know that a four issue Rotten Apple mini-series has also been announced. I'm assuming that's in the can already, because Sanford says he is already working on another six chapter Rotten Apple joint for DHP.

Here's some more Rotten Apple pages I snagged from his deviantArt gallery

The BLACK SUITS. A crew of masked mercenariy ninjas

Can you believe the ATTITUDE in this splash?!?

So anyways, be on the lookout for that Rotten Apple one shot in August, and I'll post again when I get more news about the mini-series and 1000. Needless to say, that dude Sanford Greene is trying to padlock the game, so be advised!



Marshall said...

His art is CRAZY! Thanks for the heads up! :)

samax amen said...


Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

See thats why I love u dude. Would have never known who this guy is. DAMN, crazy fresh!

samax amen said...

Can't have THAT, Fam! LOL! That's what I'm HERE for...

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