Today's Deviation

Madame X by Jebriodo

LeS Wallpaper

here's a link to this FRESH Philly the Kid Wallpaper, courtesy of that dude LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters, Blokhedz, Nervous Breakdowns, Ben 10:Alien Force). LeSean is so ghettoManga, it ain't even funny, so support his work wherever you find it fam!

My Sentiments EXACTLY!

Mike v. Chris? by Marcel Comics. (click to enlarge)
because i couldn't have said it any better myself!

Badu Rocks with The Roots

Billie Jean, and I Wanna Be Where You Are (Michael Jackson Tribute) by The Roots & Erykah Badu. this was recorded before her appearance on Jimmy Fallon on Friday. props to NahRight and ItsAllTheWayLive for the look. click the pic for the free download.

Coming Soon...

Is it too soon for a Michael Jackson Tribute comic? no problem. this won't be out until October!
the 411:
Bluewater Productions is paying tribute in October to his memory and legacy with a special collectors edition biography comic. The newest addition to the publisher's critically acclaimed biography library will trace Jackson's rise as a musical prodigy with the “Jackson 5” through last Thursdays sad end. The book will feature highlights from his storied career and cover his enigmatic private life.
“Michael Jackson's music served as the soundtrack to countless lives…including mine,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis, “His influence on our culture has been profound.”

(Nice Set of Cans)

brewskis by Colt45 art by FOOD ONE.
works every time...

Quote of the Day

"Dilla is the new smurf. EX: 'I feel very dilla today' or 'She is so dilla!' (However, dilla should not be used negatively.)"
-DJ M.Knight.

Food gets busy...

Wonderland by FOOD ONE.

one of ghettoManga's FINEST returns!

after a long hiatus, that dude Nat Landry returns to the blogosphere with more of his trippy hipHop/comics hybrid drawings! the young cartoonist and illustrator graciously contributed to the first ghettoManga Quarterly Magazine with his Devil Kitty and Violent Amphibious Beaver Boy and he's blessing the next two issues with a two part Bring The Pain Jermaine story that will snap a hater in half! right now on his blog, he's on a EmCee Vs Samurai kick (talk about a win-win)! take a minute and get familiar with this dude... he's gonna be a household name if i have to make him famous myself!

pg. Two

finished page 2 of The World As You Know It: Permanent Residents, and chugging along. still haven't hit the stride i want to hit, but it will come. I'm actually pretty happy with this page, but i'm looking forward to the point where they start coming out faster. since this story has more spooky/scary elements than the last (it has a ghost story theme to it), i'm excited about getting to the scary parts. don't get TOO excited, it's not gonna be like Saw 7 or anything! it's still gotta be pretty tame to pass the client's standards (their biggest customers are school districts), but i think i can get it done in a way that's fun for me, and that they are happy with as well! the script is good (BIG plus!), so i feel good about it...

do the LADIES run this Mutha..?

Black Cat, Hellcat, Firestar and Photon (aka Captain Marvel aka Monica "I used to be in the Avengers" Rambeau) team up to be four times fantastic in Marvel Divas. i just read the 7 page preview over at CBR, and it's hilarious! here's the sales pitch:
Diva (dee-vah), noun: An unusually glamorous and powerful woman. See: Patsy "Hellcat" Walker; Felicia "Black Cat" Hardy; Angelica "Firestar" Jones; and Monica "Photon" Rambeau. What happens when you take four of the Marvel Universe's most fabulous single girls and throw them together, adding liberal amounts of suds and drama? You get the sassiest, sexiest, soapiest series to come out of the House of Ideas since Millie the Model! Romance, action, ex-boyfriends, and a last page that changes everything! Let your inner divas out with this one, fellas, you won't regret it!

yeah, so anyways, if you haven't already, click the pic and go read it. go ahead, i'll wait...
wasn't that FRESH!? the art by Tonci Zonjic is very natural. the women look like individuals, not typical comicbook mannequins, and the settings all work nicely! Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's script is snarky, quick-witted, and well paced! i'd say give this joint a try! Marvel Divas drops in comics shops on July 1st.

Deviant of the Day

La Tavia '07 by *Markovah

Often Imitated. Never Replicated...

today we lost the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen. Micheal Jackson died today of a heart attack. the internet has been hot with rumors all day that he was carted off to UCLA Medical Center, and it was just confirmed that he did not recover.
Micheal remains a transgenerational entertainer who spent his life entertaining and inspiring us.
despite his controversial legal battles, he remained one of the most beloved figures the entertainment world has ever produced. like any accomplished pop star, Mike had a multitude of detractors, but their voices get drowned out in the roar of his legions of fans. whatever clever off-color jokes you have, i'd rather not hear them. thanks... i was not Micheal Jackson's #1 fan, but i was a fan. sure, he made me shake my head sometimes, but he also made me laugh, dance and cry. though he was long past his prime, i had hoped we would have more time with him. he is often imitated by popular musicians today, and probably will be for years to come.
Rest In Peace...


Okay, so for the record, there's a ghettoManga Facebook page now. if you're reading this, your ass is definitely a fan (don't fight it... just don't be a stan. y'know, unless that's like, your name and stuff...), so if you're on Facebook, g'wan over there and become a fan. it will be more interactive than this blog is, so you can post your own comics, hiphop, movie reviews, and other links and what-not. not asking you to stop coming here, just giving you OPTIONS!

Twin Hype?

i haven't seen Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen yet, but a lot of noise amongst my Twitter peers has been brought up about Skids and Mudflap, "The Twins" who reportedly call up mad stereotypical/racist references, similar to Phantom Menace's much-maligned Jar-Jar. i'm sure i'll have an opinion once i see the movie, but i'm curious... what do you guys think? have you seen it? was it harmless, or offensive? both?
get at me.

NBA withdrawal Got Me

Read Deez by Marcel Vann


shortest. sequel. ever.

Kixpo Skate Deck Design Contest

Previously Scheduled Program, Already in Progress...

so i got sidetracked a little with all the artshows, Father's day, and all the other stuff (all of which i'm thankful for), but now i'm back to full steam on comics! this panel preview is from the freelance joint i'm workin' on for a major client (my 2nd assignment with them). expect more soon. i really like this client, and they like my work. hopefully, all goes well on their sales side so i can get tidal waved with more work from them! anyways, you can always see more by clickin' the tag TWAYKI below or on the sidebar...

Bend it Like...

that new the Last Airbender trailer. what do ya'll think?

The Last Laugh

the prototypical Talk Show Sidekick and game show host, Ed Mcmahon (The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Star Search) died in a Los Angels hospital at 86. RIP big guy... (more on this here).

Comicbook World #32

They only have a black president in the movies or comics when there's gonna be some kind of catastrophe (see The Fifth Element, Deep Impact, 2012), so i guess that's why everybody's losing their mind now... Iran is Buggin' Again, writing a drama with it's so-called elections that's stranger than fiction. Chechnyan gangster/terrorists suicide bombed a provincial Russian President into critical condition. meanwhile North Korea is feeling SOO Nuclear right now, and has a ruler who's just DYING to go Kaizen Gamorra on your ass... it's real in the field, son! it's almost like years of programming have conditioned the human race to think of black dudes as either a cause for alarm, or the ultimate go-to guy that can snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat on some Michael Jordan ish! hell, maybe they just see President Obama as some kinda big, black good luck charm.

the good news is that if life is immitating art, Black presidents tend to kick ass at handling world-threatening crisis situations! Obama has already saved superheroes in comics almost as much as they've saved him, Morgan Freeman quarterbacked the salvation of the human race in Deep Impact, and at least President Zeus was lucky Bruce Willis had his back in Fifth Element, right? so as much as Rush 'nem wish Obama's presidency will be a failure, if the collective unconscious has been telling anybody anything, they might need to stock up on their Haterade. Brotherman's here... Everything's gonna be alright!

Dead Prez + Chuck D? it's a no-brainer!

art by Goldi Gold.
click the pic to Download the track Refuse To Lose by Dead Prez, f/Chuck D and Avery Storm.
Party for your Right to Fight, people!!!


Papa Was A Rolling Stone Star Like Obama, Pull a Card like OH DRAMA!

"I will NEVER turn to the Dark Side... NIGGA YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!"
yo, everybody have a safe Father's day weekend. i wasn't close with my Dad growing up, now that i have a family of my own, i'm glad to be able to celebrate. Yesterday, my wife gave me a great Father's day gift (a new bicycle... don't laugh! i really WANTED one!), and tonight we will be at the ArtLoveMagic Father's Day Eve Show. if you're in Dallas, drop by and kick it with the artsy folks and our families! Live Art, Live Poetry, and breakfast buffet. hit up for details and directions. but whatever you do, have fun, and be safe.

Rachel Rage is In the Street!

On a whim, i decided to check OldeTowne Comix's Website and i was shocked to realize they had dropped that Rachel Rage OGN right under my freakin' nose, and i didn't even KNOW it! well i would be remiss if i let that stand, so i went ahead and ordered a copy. 'cause as my readers already know, i luvs me some Rachel Rage! lookin' forward to peepin' it and givin' you a review! in the event you don't wanna wait (and why would you, right?), you can order it yourself here in color or black and white! in case you are in North Carolina this weekend (you could be!), drop in on HeroesCon in Charlotte and find Rachel Rage writer/artist John Aston (here's where he is), and tell him I was geeking about his book on ghettoManga!

Yeah, BOY!

trailer for Astro Boy.
adapting the foundational manga by legendary Japanese storyteller Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy will star Freddie Highmore as the voice of that boy, 'longside an all-star cast that includes Nicolas Cage, Kristen Bell, Matt Lucas, and many more notables. It flies into theaters this October.

Spit Responsibly!

Rushmore by Crown Royal
download that here.

We Crown Royale by Crown Royal
Dallas Stand Up! everybody else... hope ya'll like it too!

Krylon Killz

World-renowned Graf artist, NYC legend Iz The Wiz died from compications of kidney failure (from a lifetime of inhaling paint fumes) that he courageously battled since 1996. Iz has been a graf icon since 1972, and will never be forgotten. make sure your mask is on tight and throw one up for Iz, fam!


the time has come to VOTE in the MF DOOM ART CONTEST!!! you can help the artist whose work you like best get into the next issue of ghettoManga Quarterly! the top 5 get an automatic place in the magazine and a free copy, and one lucky joker will walk away with $100 (paid by me, via paypal)! so choose carefully and select your favorite! vote on the sidebar poll to the right (comments are always welcome, but will not be counted). refresh your memory by clicking here to see all the fly DOOM pieces, or click a name below to see their work individually. voting ends at 11:59PM on Friday June 26th.


Wonton Soup...FREE 19 Page PREVIEW!

underground phenom James Stokoe returns with Wonton Soup vol 2! the first volume blew me away, and it looks like Stokes is swingin' for the fences again on this one! here's the sales pitch:
Johnny Boyo could have had it all. As one of the premiere chefs in the galaxy, Johnny's culinary skills could have made him a star. So, with everything he ever dreamed of for the taking, why would Johnny leave it all behind to become a space trucker? Not even Citrus Watts, the girl he left behind, knows for sure. But now that Johnny's returned to the kitchen once more to save all that he holds dear, does that mean he's back in his apron for good, or is the allure of the open space lanes too much for his trucker heart to take?

Stokoe brings manga-style storytelling and indie-comix spontaneity to this action-comedy-sci-fi-cooking joint! click the pic for an issue-length preview! both volumes of Wonton Soup are available in comic shops or on now! most definitely a begBorrowSteal item that you should get by any means necessary!



hey everyone! hope you guys are having a great day! i promise NOT to ruin your day complaining about how Marvel is keeping me from buying The Destroyer by slapping the camel's-back-breaking price of $3.99 on it. i'm not even gonna go into how at a time like this they don't need to try and bleed dry the people who are basicly holding the industry on our shoulders... what i AM gonna tell you is that CBR has posted a SWEET 5 page preview of issue #3 up for your viewing pleasure, all for special recession price of FREE! click the pic to claim your stimulus, cousin! in case you want to spend four bucks on a freaking comicbook (after all, it is pretty freakin' AWESOME), The Destroyer #3 is in stores now!

Battle ROYALLE... this would be 2 FRESH!!

Mos Def innerview with Angie Martinez. Mos challenges "the greatest" to do BATTLE... wait til you hear who would be on his 5 man team (yeah, i'm GEEKIN'!)

Quote of the Day

"Go forward!!! Fail... So what? Fall... So what?!
Fall better!! Fail better!
Just keep movin! Relentless..."

heeere we go (again)

i'm on to the next comic. this is for the same client. since they REALLY liked the digital drawing/coloring style, i'm sticking with it.if some of these characters look familiar to you, it's because this is a prequel/spin-off story from the one i drew for them this Spring (The World as You Know It, Vol 2)... this one stars some of the supporting cast from that previous story, but about 15 years earlier. this is going in a totally different direction, so don't sweat the fact that you haven't read the other one...
if you're tuning in to vote on the MF DOOM ART CONTEST, relax, you didn't miss it... voting will start tomorrow. daddy needed to focus on making that money today!

Your Evolution on Wax

that dude DT from Clan Destined dropped his new plate Nowhere, NowHere on Domination Recordings. this highly conceptual album has tracks with Icue, Roderick Stewart, and Mitch D. a sampler of the album is available for free download here, and you can cop the record on iTunes, Emusic, Rhapsody, and
don't miss a chance to cop some dope hip hop!


here's the final entry by Chanson Presley.
check back tomorrow for voting. polls will be posted on the blog sidebar on the left!

Villain Get The Money Like Curls!

Villain Get The Money... by Pacman23

Much Obliged for the Beat, god...

DOOM Worldwide by I Grade

peep the DoomsDay Device!

man, i can't tell you how much fun it's been to do this contest. it will be my pleasure to shoot the winner the $100... just opening my email and finding rediculous artwork (instead of spam pimping suspect Cialis) has been a blast. as expected, my Inbox is overloaded today with last-minute HEAT, so i may still be posting them tomorrow...

Comicbook World # 30

Good News everybody! scientists found some dormant 120,000-year-old bacteria minding its own business 2 miles beneath a glacier. since they just couldn't leave well enough alone, they did their super-scientific alchemy and brought the lonely li'l microbes back to life on some jurassic park shit. don't worry though! i'm sure they are friendly little microbes...
anyways, even if the microscopic li'l jokers want beef, i'm sure the scientists have multiple anti-ancient microbe warfare scenarios on tap for just such an occasion. cause it's not like science has let us down so far right?if all else fails, and scientists unleash some kind of microbiological anti-god, i'm sure we can count on superheroes to shrink down and go into our bodies and kick their little micro-tails from here to... hold on someone's handing me a bulletin... THIS JUST IN: there's no such thing as superhero shrinking rays! we are soooo screwed...

You're A Slave to a Page in my Comic Book...

to get the full effect of Stacey Robinson's MF DOOM ART CONTEST entry, you really need to click the pic to enlarge. dude is the writer/artist on Abraham The Young Lion, right... so this is a page from the 2nd book (which i don't have yet 'cause i have a 9-month-old eatin' my wish list money... but i'ma get it!). strangely appropriate for the contest. there's still a little time left for the rest of ya'll to polish your pieces and get 'em in!



The Best Superhero Comic in the Universe...

i guess it's possible that some of you aren't reading Invincible, but if so, it isn't MY fault... this comic consistanly supplies more WTF, OMG, and LMMFAO than the next three comics combined for $2.99. i be tryin'a tell ya'll but you don't hear me... or maybe you do (sales on that joint are prrrretty good)... anyways, click the pic for a free 5-page preview, courtesy of the fine folks at CBR.

Real Recognize Real

illustrator Angelina Greenwood sent this piece in for the MF DOOM ART CONTEST, and i'm excited to see what the reaction will be. today is the last day for contest entries. that means soon, people will be able to start voting on a winner! if you're working on a piece, you can still get 'em in today until midnight.

King City is in PREVIEWS!

you should go ahead and sweat your comic shop to order Brandon Graham's King City. The first of the jumbo-sized issues is in this month's issue of PREVIEWS, so go to your comic shop and tell them you want it! if they won't order it, tell them to kiss your black ass (even if you're not black) and find a comic shop who will! Tokyopop's King City OGN rocked my world last year, so i know you'll dig this series now that Image is relaunching it... it's SO ghettoManga (read my review here). anyways, this post is really just an excuse to run some of Brandon's artwork, so i'll just tell you to click to enlarge and all that...

Deviation of the Day

April by *biz02

Quote of the Day

"The Bad artists imitate, The Great artists STEAL..."
-Pablo Picasso

WorldWide, Baby!

click to enlarge and swoon over Sanford Greene's cover to the French release of the Method Man graphic novel i reviewed a few months ago. in light of all the excitement being generated by Tyrese's upcoming comics project, consider how huge Mef's book COULD have been if the Wu promotional machine had been put behind this the way Tyrese has fully invested in his book.
Far from using Mef's book as some kind of cautionary tale, i think he should gear up and use the new media to push this book again, not primarily at comics fans (like me) but at Method Man fans (also, like me... as it turns out)! consider what he could do in terms of multi-task media attention (beef, the new Blackout album, etc have people calling on Iron Lung to chime in... why not throw the elevator pitch for the OGN while they listening?). even better, he should task Atchison and Green with smashing out a follow-up (maybe including Redman in the fun this time) and then swing for the bleachers! if you haven't read this book, peep my review. i think the book's worth giving a look!

There's Only ONE DAY LEFT!!!

my homegirl SmoovArt came with it on her entry in the MF DOOM ART CONTEST, as evidenced by this portrait of the Villain. Monday June 13th is the last day to submit, so wrap it up and get it to my Inbox by tomorrow night if you want a crack at that $100. as you can see, competition will be fierce! expect voting to start on Wednesday!

Deviant of the Day

Dexter Dodgeball by *sircle
"Today is a GREAT day for SCIENCE!"

can't get ENUFF DOOM!

that dude Ron One broke his foot off in his entry for the MF DOOM ART CONTEST! if you didn't already know the attitude of the supervillainous MF DOOM, now you know! there's one more day to get in your entries, then i'm closing it up to get ready for the vote! so if you're noodlin' on something, get it in my inbox by monday night!

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