The Best Superhero Comic in the Universe...

i guess it's possible that some of you aren't reading Invincible, but if so, it isn't MY fault... this comic consistanly supplies more WTF, OMG, and LMMFAO than the next three comics combined for $2.99. i be tryin'a tell ya'll but you don't hear me... or maybe you do (sales on that joint are prrrretty good)... anyways, click the pic for a free 5-page preview, courtesy of the fine folks at CBR.


Art Fan Ako said...

Must be interesting in a gruesome way. Awesome cover.

David said...

Same here. Favorite super hero comic.

samax said...

you never know what to expect on Invincible. except you can always expect that it will be awesome!

samax said...

had comment on my own post:
THIS MESS IS HARD! i just read my copy (bought it a few days ago... SUPER busy)
this book is the bomb... go out and buy the trades for this series and get caught up. it's so entertaining! i can't even tell you...

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