Wonton Soup...FREE 19 Page PREVIEW!

underground phenom James Stokoe returns with Wonton Soup vol 2! the first volume blew me away, and it looks like Stokes is swingin' for the fences again on this one! here's the sales pitch:
Johnny Boyo could have had it all. As one of the premiere chefs in the galaxy, Johnny's culinary skills could have made him a star. So, with everything he ever dreamed of for the taking, why would Johnny leave it all behind to become a space trucker? Not even Citrus Watts, the girl he left behind, knows for sure. But now that Johnny's returned to the kitchen once more to save all that he holds dear, does that mean he's back in his apron for good, or is the allure of the open space lanes too much for his trucker heart to take?

Stokoe brings manga-style storytelling and indie-comix spontaneity to this action-comedy-sci-fi-cooking joint! click the pic for an issue-length preview! both volumes of Wonton Soup are available in comic shops or on Amazon.com now! most definitely a begBorrowSteal item that you should get by any means necessary!


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