Batwing's getting white girls in trouble again...

I have no idea what's going on in Batwing... I wish I did. But anyways, you should read this preview anyways...

Ladies love Batwing. So anyways, I think Batwing #22 is in stores now, so do that if you are so inclined.



Antony Drossos said...

Too bad Batwing's mask is a full face cover. It would be interesting to see the lady's reaction to an African Batman.
I'm not suggesting they would write her as racist, its more that civilians in the DC universe would be used to a White face under the cowl.

samax amen said...

Good point. That may be why they chose the full mask.


That's disappointing.
But then again Black Panther's costume totally covers his face as well so they can use that as an excuse. I give DC credit for trying to be more diverse and stuff.
Its seems pretty organic since the Bat Family is pretty large anyway.
Maybe they will update it at some point.

Wont hold my breath for any Black Kyrptonians though.....

samax amen said...

Ha ha! Nah, no brothers on Krypton. Unless the new 52 Icon is Kryptonian?

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