Fan Art Friday #8 - The Tick

This week for #FanArtFriday I drew The Tick!

The GOP FAIL Parade on Healthcare Reform continues...

Caroline Kelly's ongoing Facebook meme portraying the Republican attempts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act as a game of DND got me dying over here...


 I ran into this incredible graphic novel project Acid of the Godz on Kickstarter today, and I HAD to share it.  Too dope to ignore...

#FanArtFriday Week 7- The Mighty THOR!

This week for #FanArtFriday I drew Thor, one of my all-time favorite characters!  I actually drew this Thursday (literally "Thor's Day") morning, but I decided to offer it up for #FanArtFriday this week anyways!

#NowPlaying CHASE ME by Dangermouse, RTJ + Big Boi

Full disclosure: I have not seen the movie Baby Driver,  so I can't speak to its quality, but I freaking LOVE this Danger Mouse song Chase Me (f/ Run the Jewels & Big Boi), and the video at least makes the movie look awesome...

FELIPE SMITH is back on his creator-owned shit with his first Kickstarter campaign!

Check out this video (and some screencaps) from the Kickstarter campaign to launch the brand new creator-owned comic from GhettoManga Award-winning writer-artist Felipe Smith (All-New Ghost Rider, Peepo Choo, MBQ).   Based on teaser images Felipe had been sharing on Twitter, I thought this new project was gonna be a straight Los Angeles buddy cop story.  Boy, was I wrong!

#nowPlaying Dilla Instinct by Noveliss

Right now at GhettoManga HQ we're bumping the shit outta Dilla Instinct, a fitting tribute to one of the most venerated producers ever, by Noveliss, a promising young emcee from the magnificent Motor City crew Clear Soul Forces...

PREVIEW- Astonishing X-men by Charles Soule and Jim Cheung

 I can't say I even know what's going on with the X-Men these days.  But I'm a big fan of Jim Cheung's art, Old Man Logan, Bishop wearing cornrows, and Warren Worthington as winged Death... So here's some preview pages and variant covers from the new Astonishing X-Men #1...

UNCHAINED, (my tee shirt collab with Awready Merch) is still available in select sizes

If you've been thinking about buying one of these UNCHAINED teeshirts, this is the time to do it.  I have run out of some sizes and only have a few left sizes small, medium, large, and XL. 

All orders are GREATLY appreciated!

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