Insomniac Rap Show- Wise Intelligent's THIS SPACE speaks to YOUR concerns about hip hop

You already know I'm a huge fan of revolution rhyme pioneer Wise Intelligent.  You should anyway... This video for the soul-searing banger This Space (off his album Stevie Bonneville Wallace, Back 2 School 4th Period) was a welcome release from the assorted brands of fuckery dropped in my feeds this holla day weekend.

Artist's statement:
THIS SPACE is a hardcore, yet soulful beast of a track in terms of its production. The track was produced by Scott "Bigg Scott" Clayburn for 7XL Productions. It is the album opener for Wise Intelligent's Stevie Bonneville Wallace, Back 2 School 4th Period release. Again the video was directed by Wise Intelligent and the ultra talented Jimmy Giambrone. The video manages to capture the matter of fact and emphatic message of the song, which is that Hip Hop, the community and world are in a critical space at a critical time wherein the culture and community must decide if its going to detach itself from the dangerous over commercialization by corporations which has restricted diversity of artists, views, styles, and subject matter at the mainstream level, and thus defines a culture of several million by 10 rappers on a corporation's playlist.

THIS SPACE is about Hip Hoppers determining for themselves what Hip Hop is and/or isn't. THIS SPACE was written, produced and recorded because, like the cultures right to self-determination, the exigencies of the culture demanded it

In a recent interview, one of my favorite rappers said that the problem was that conscious rap had inferior musical quality.  I guess that is sometimes the case (it is easier to be wack than to be dope, no matter what kind of content the music has), but this has never been the case with Wise Intelligent.  This dude consistently puts out fire.  He works with lots of producers at all stages in their careers and development, and produces a variety of sounds to hit all angles. 

There's a lot of gems in this 2016 interview.  At GhettoManga, we DO NOT accept lies about the death and dearth of good hip hop.  We celebrate the diversity and beauty of hip hop culture, and we encourage you to support what your head and heart tell you is dope, regardless of what corporate media moguls would have you believe.  

Thanks for reading.

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