35% off.  No big deal.

There's a 35% Off sale on Teepublic right now.

#NowPlaying EGO by Guilty Simpson + Gensu Dean

This Friday, Guilty Simpson & Gensu Dean have a new album dropping on Mello Music Group called EGO, featuring Skyzoo, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Yarbrough, Black Milk, MarvWon, and more.

Listen to the lead singles after the jump.

It's October fam!

Our Twitter peeps seem to REALLY like the story of these matching Cartoon Portraits, so check 'em out!

It's ULTRON Vs EVERYBODY In This Week's Episode of WHAT IF...?

This week's episode of What If...? starts with the Avengers failing to stop Ultron from reaching his final form, setting up a chain of events that transforms the genocidal A.I. into a threat of cosmic and even multiversal proportions.

You see them new STAHHR tees?!?! ♥

Gaaasp!  The first lady of the Metal Face familia, Stahhr dropped this peek at her upcoming tee shirt drop on the Twitter machine, and I am in full "mommy I wan' it" mode...

#NewVideo - CLOUD POUR by Qwazaar & Batsauce

Look what I found while I was looking through my emails.

A picture and a few words about Dopamine


Once Again It's ON (S A L E)

Pegasus is one of my original characters that hasn't appeared in comics yet, but a few of y'all bought her tee shirt anyways...

It's fun to get notified that you guys are taking advantage of my tees being on sale. 

There's a method to the madness, fam

I'm helping my people get out the word about their upcoming comic THE MELANITES, which is dropping soon.

Brandon Graham Talks RAIN LIKE HAMMERS

I just recently started reading Brandon Graham's graphic novel RAIN LIKE HAMMERS*, so I couldn't resist watching this interview.

Peep this sketchbook monster, fam

AMEN Monster Sticker

This looks DOPE

I just ran into these images from MCMLXXV #1 on Twitter and was blown away by them!  Turns out you can read the first issue for free online.

Kickstart This- The GREAT FORCE

I just came across this Kickstarter campaign for a brand new teen superhero comic called THE GREAT FORCE, and it looks pretty cool.  Check out the preview art below.


While I was sleeping, NIOBE & DURA: WRATH OF THE ANCIENT dropped on Kickstarter.

"ZION I up in the party so you know it's just bliss..."

Lately we've been celebrating the life and cultural contribution of Zumbi, the emcee/frontman for eclectic Oakland hip hop crew ZION I.  My favorite ZION I song is apparently HUMAN BEING, off their 2012 album SHADOWBOXING, because I have been bumping it nonstop for the past few days...

My favorite No Way Home Trailer Moment

Fan Art Friday: Doc Ock

BiGS Volume 1 Release Date

It's official:


Happy Birthday Peppermint Patty!

People often do a double take when I tell them that Charles Schulz is one of my influences as an artist.  His strip PEANUTS, which spawned the wildly popular Charlie Brown cartoons, reveals Schulz's mastery of economy, something I always appreciate in great artists.

One of my favorite PEANUTS characters, the resident wild child Peppermint Patty, is celebrating a birthday today.

Are you a Wonder Woman fan?

Check out this week's Throwback Thursday email, where I colored an old Wonder Woman sketch...

WHAT IF..? Episode 1- Peggy Carter Becomes the Super Soldier

As a Marvel Zombie growing up, I was always aware of Cap's love interest Peggy Carter, but I became a fan of the character when she appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger.   I didn't watch Agent Carter when it was on tv, but watching it once I got access to Disney+ solidified this SHIELD co-founder as a trailblazer for the pantheon of Marvel heroes.

The debut episode of Marvel's new animated series What If..? shows us a universe where she becomes the north star in the superhero constellations.

Rest In Power- Zumbi of ZION I

I just found out that Zumbi of Oakland rap crew ZION I passed away on Friday. No words. Rest In Peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

OGN (P)REVIEW- "RECKLESS VOL 1" by Ed Brubaker + Sean Phillips

My man Michael Lagocki recommended RECKLESS Volume 1 the period detective thriller by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, because he knows I dig 80's detective jawns like Spencer For Hire.  In RECKLESS, we follow a washed-up FBI spook who takes on cases that catch his interest.

Insomniac Rap Show- A few throwbacks

Welcome to The Insomniac Rap Show, where I share YouTube videos until I get sleepy.

Let's start with my favorite Joell Ortiz song:


Prepare yourself to be whisked away to the far east for this brief tale of a possibly supernatural  encounter that I immortalized as this non-physical cat drawing...

Coming Soon To Kickstarter: NIOBE & DURA: WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS

We're waiting with baited breath for the next Niobe series from fantasy publisher Stranger Comics, so peep these luscious inked pages from NIOBE & DURA: WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS

Daily Sketch Archives: Thanos, Jim Starlin, and Why I'm SO independent

from the Daily Sketch Archives

Happy Birthday GREG NICE!

This morning I found out today (May 30, 2021) was Greg Nice's 54th BIRTHDAY today and went on a bit of a YouTube binge. . . which (of course) I commemorated on Twitter.

REVIEW- CHU Volume 1 by John Layman + Dan Boultwood

If you're one of my longtime GhettoManga readers, you already know I love John Layman's urban fantasy comic CHEW, about Tony Chu a federal agent who gets psychic impressions from anything he eats.  Laymen returns us to the Chewniverse with CHU, starring Tony's shifty sister Saffron.  Saffron uses her ability to read the thoughts of anyone she eats with to get into gangster shit, and boy does she ever in this CHEW prequel!

INTERVIEW- Comic Creators Address Black Wall Street

Imani Lateef of
Peep Game Comix interviews Alverne Ball and Stacey Robinson about their book Across the Tracks on BLACK COMIX UNIVERSE.


Have you been checking for Scott Snyder's new book NOCTERRA?  This joint looks amazing!  The second issue hits shops this week, but let's look at some preview pages from the first couple issues.

New Homeboy Sandman Video

"I don't really struggle with impatience
I aint' even payin' enough attention for gettin' upset
I will not be getting all stressed. I'm exempt
Doesn't make sense. Sleep when I'm dead.  
Said what I meant Can I get an AMEN?"
-Homeboy Sandman

Prisoners Are People fam.

Prisoners Are People
is a recent addition I made to my Teepublic store last week. Click the SALE ALERT pic below if you want to stay informed about sales and discounts in my online stores.  What you see below is an email alert I sent to subscribers last week.

The Comics Kayfabe Guys Dive Into Stroman's X-Factor Debut

Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor speak on Peter David and Larry Stroman's debut on X-Factor with issue 71, which introduces a new team and a unique style to the Marvel mutant universe.

#NowPlaying "get behind." by Theory Hazit

"I could do a album in a week I'm Theory Hazit
I do this in my sleep I probably do this in my casket
One thing's for sure is that your love is pure magic
But I'm workin on myself, baby. Sorry, you're a distraction..."

You gotta say the whole thing. Yes, every time...

I have never been to New Jersey.  My sister was born there, and my other sister lived there for a while, but I've never been.  Still, as a hip hopper I recognize the massive contributions New Jersey has made to the culture.  Some you know:  RedmanLords of the UndergroundPoor Righteous TeachersLauryn Hill an'em.  

Thanks to the internet, I have become aware of tons more incredible musicians from the Garden State that are not yet household names: Venomous2000, King Ra, Conscious Operations, and more...

Now I can add The Band Called FUSE to the list.

"Similar to survivor. Ambitions of a rider. My mission is to guide you." -Zion I

Feast your ears on this spirit bomb 2 Eyes by Zion I and Born I (two I's... I see what you did there) on a nutty track by Nato Feelz (his mama named him Nathan Fields)

Galaxy Rangers Episodes on YouTube

My longtime friends, readers, and fans know that when I was in middle school, one of my favorite cartoons was the space western Galaxy Rangers.

GhettoManga Funnies: "Great Memory"

A silly comic strip.  Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

A tribute to the queen. . .


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