Tweet of the Week: Zemo be like...

I'm just talm'bout Zemo. . .

In last week's review of the first three episodes of Falcon And Bucky I mentioned that I liked how they are writing Baron Zemo.  What's occurred to me since is that it seems like people have taken the Zemo love a little bit too far.   

Zemo is not an ambiguous character.  

He's the bad guy.

Marvel is purposefully muddying the water about Zemo.  

Creating likeable villains has been one of the MCU's go-to tricks for years.  At this point, I think fans are looking for reasons to root for the villain.  

I have been reading superhero comics so long that it is pretty easy for me to tell the difference between an anti-hero, a tragic villain, and a villain who is manipulating the other characters (and audience) with double talk.

Zemo is using the circumstances of his past as an excuse to frame the entire world in a way that flatters him and his goals.  He's smart enough to outthink whoever he's arguing with, and he is quick to use language that enshrines his arguments, protecting him from rebuttal.

I learned a long time ago that in an argument, the person who is better at arguing wins.  The truth and facts are irrelevant.  It's about positioning your argument so that the other person is boxed in.  

Zemo is better at arguing than any of the other characters.  He is manipulating them all the time, even when he seems to just be chatting.

And fans are falling for it.


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