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A comment notification brought me back to the grown man rap joint PERSPECTIVE, by Ohio indie hip hop mogul
Blueprint, from his 2014 album, RESPECT THE ARCHITECT.
"Understanding and empathy for all others
appreciation as a have for the have-nots
Recognizing people's worth is decided by the content of
their character--and not what they got.
I get upset because it seems so hard for us
when we lie to ourselves we sound so crazy
We tell ourselves that they don't work as hard as us
they could be like us if they just weren't lazy
I think it's just an excuse
that allows us to treat them as less human
'Cause once we begin to take it as the truth
I justifies all evil things that we do to them.
Some people work hard and barely scrape by
others work hard and end up rich.
It doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate success,
but understand the systematic hurdles that exist
Bird's eye view...
It's beautiful up here...
Might shed a tear..."
- Blueprint from Perspective


I remember this song knocking me on my butt when I first heard it, but it had me even more messed up when I listened to it today.

"I wrote this song right after the Boston bombings of 2013." Print revealed in 2015.

"I remember being stunned that it happened, but also overwhelmed by social media at the time. I had to back away from it and take a break. By 2011, I had phased out watching the news on television, but this event sucked me back into it again.

Once I had disconnected from social media, the thoughts and ideas started pouring. There are songs that artists sit down and write, and there are songs that write themselves. 'Perspective' is a song that wrote itself. I didn't think about it or try, I just wrote what was in my heart, without a beat..."

Anyways, longtime GM readers know I LOVE Blueprint

I met Blueprint in Denton back in the MySpace era with Soul Position and One Be Lo, and I've been a fan ever since!

A true role model for independent artists in any medium!

I wasn't able to make the show when he came through Dallas during the Spring, which broke my heart.

"Next time, baby..."

Get your hands on RESPECT THE ARCHITECT from his website:

While you're there, check out his whole catalog!

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