Manchild is coming...

Manchild: Birthday Boy, page 3. written, drawn, lettered, and colored by me. from ghettoManga Quarterly, coming soon!

Office Space 2: The Reckoning

Mac v PC beef gets Ugly hipHop commentary by man goldi

One Man's Clutter...

some artists have a tendency to hide their light under a bushel. case in point, my main man (and ghostWerks bredren) Khalid, aka bigSteelo... we've been harassing Khalid to put out one'a these high-falootin' art books for years! he was at my crib recently, and i said "When you get home, pick up all the drawings you got layin' around on the floor, scan them joints and make a book called Off The Floor..."
apparently, a light went off! because the next day, khalid had an album on his mySpace with that name, which he told me later that day would IN FACT be the name of his new book! family! don't let the fact the Khalid and i go back like rednecks and Klan rallies dissuade you from copping this when it drops! i kid you not, Khalid has more dope artwork laying around on the f@#&in' floor than most artists generate in a year with an endless supply of redbulls!
anyways, Off The Floor will definitely be available by early august, but the MINUTE that it becomes available for purchase, i will let you know... a'ight?

When It Hurt So Bad, Why's It Feel So Good?

Was It Good For You? #1 by samax. click to enlarge (COP IT)
just a little joint i did for fun as part of a series of illustrations called Was It Good For You... it'll be in my new book Spontaneous:Summer '08, due to drop next month, but you can buy a framed print today here.
lemme know what you think...

Jesus doesn't get Mad, he gets EVEN...

just when you think there are no more ideas left, some dude named Stephen Lindsay 'longside artist Steve Cobb bring you a comic called Jesus Hates Zombies! He brought the love last time... now, he's bringin' the Wood. Armed with his trusty bat, Samson, and backed by his main man Lazerus, Jesus will make you forget all that stuff he USED to do... there's no walking on water, calling a legion of angels, or preachin' the love of God... just one man and his bat, puttin' undead heads to bed!
as if that wasn't enough, Jesus Hates Zombies Volume 1: Yea Though I Walk will be backed up by Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Hunting the Hunter , a short story drawn by John Ruiz, that has a axe swingin' honest Abe runnin' up on an unsuspecting man-wolf!
click the art for a preview of these joints... i'll keep you updated on when they drop in stores!

Surf Or Die

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 6

Italian Spiderman episode 6...
it's craze...


In an inexplicable worldwide event, forty-seven extraordinary children were spontaneously born by women who'd previously shown no signs of pregnancy. Millionaire inventor Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of the children; when asked why, his only explanation was, "To save the world."
These seven children form The Umbrella Academy, a dysfunctional family of superheroes with bizarre powers. Their first adventure at the age of ten pits them against an erratic and deadly Eiffel Tower, piloted by the fearsome zombie-robot Gustave Eiffel. Nearly a decade later, the team disbands, but when Hargreeves unexpectedly dies, these disgruntled siblings reunite just in time to save the world once again.
* This volume collects the first six-issue series, as well as out-of-print short stories, and an expanded sketchbook section featuring work by Bá, Jean, and Way.
Publication Date: Jun 18, 2008
Format: Full color, 192 pages, TPB, 6" x 9"
Price: $17.95
Age range: 14+
ISBN-10: 1-59307-978-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-59307-978-9

the Belly of the Beast

Prison by X-Clan

Work In Progress...

this sketch, which was in my last book, Spontaneous: Spring 2008, is a W.I.P. from a series of illustrations i'm doing called Was It Good For You, to eventually collect in a coffee table volume of the same name. that's coming down the road, but the finished version of this will be in the Summer volume of Spontaneous, coming out VERY soon. for those keeping score at home, this illustration features the same girl from the gM logo, who i secretly refer to as Cupid (but you ain't hear that from me)...
i MAY even be working on a short story featuring the little lady, but that could just be a rumor! you know how it is...

Miracle Whip

The New BMW Gina (Concept Car)
it's been awhile since i saw something really different... what do ya'll think?

Street Teams are made of This...

yo, Joe!

after the tidal wave of cash generated by Transformers, hollywood moves to strike while the iron is hot with GI JOE: Rise Of Cobra in 2009 (hopefully, they will drop on a patriotic holiday, like July 4th!). right now GI JOE is in teaser mode, as evidenced by these posters of Duke, Baroness, and (my personal favorite) Snake Eyes.

Come Bien presents "Mighty Healthy"

click to enlarge. ya might wanna save that too, Fam!
(more from Come Bien Books)

Eat To Live by Kweli from the album Eardrum

Carson and Hugo, Eco-detectives!

peep Heartwood USA, a new animated kids' show...
Carson Heartwood is a 12-year old detective, fighting to help her friends, her town, and her country solve environmental mysteries. But her arch enemy Shamus Dummkopf will use every weapon and dirty trick at his disposal to make sure she never gets to the truth.

Felipe Attacks Japan!!!

my long time readers are already familiar with Felipe Smith from my glowing reviews of his extra-dope ghettoManga Award-winning OGN series MBQ, so you may feel the impact of the news that Felipe has moved to Japan to make manga overseas. that means no more english-language comics from Felipe for me (sad face), but Felipe is having a blast cranking out his new Japanese joint Peepo Choo monthly in a magazine called Morning 2, which i will buy, even though i don't read a word of Japanese! what that means for gM fans is i am SCREAMING to you, BUY the MBQ trades, so Felipe will SOMEDAY come back home! they are definitely worth the bread! for now, here's a glimpse of the new book:

Rising Up by the Legendary Roots Crew

Rising Up by the Roots, featuring Wale and Chrisette Michele

Recognize-Hip Hop in DC's Portrait Gallery

scenes from the exhibit Recognize, coverage by Ravi, of The great Hip Hop Debate.

Tara McPherson's new Groove

this is the cover to DC Vertigo Comics' The Witching #10, but it's also a 10"x15" acrylic painting by Tara McPherson. McPherson, an NYC based painter-illustrator who chronicles "people and their odd ways," hangs work in galleries as well as doing comics covers, book illustration, and was named "the Crown Princess of poster art" by ELLE Magazine for giggery for Beck, Modest Mouse, and more. gain respect for her grind by visiting

Celtics Smash Lakers to Lock up the title

Celtics destroy Lakers in boston, 92-131
the Celtics must have went to the multiplex and watched Incredible Hulk before game 6 Tuesday night... 'cause they came out and got their BEAST on in this one, playing like the superhuman defensive juggernaut that had everyone in the league shook the first part of the regular season, opening up to a monstrous 20-3 start. after the acquisition of Kevin "the Big Ticket" Garnett from the Timberwolves (to go with Ray "He Got Game" Allen and Paul "the Truth" Pierce) had the Boston faithful whispering "championship" and the haters screaming "overrated", the Celtics lived up to the challenge... but not with out a few road bumps along the way.after that 20-3 start, the Celtics lost to the Big Brother of the east, the mighty Detroit Pistons, the most significant of their 5 losses in an 11 game stretch last winter before thumping the Mavericks to remain perfect against the tough western conference at the All-Star break. even though the Celtics had the best record in the NBA and consequently home court throughout the playoffs, it was a tough road... they struggled to maintain the intensity to beat the lowly Atlanta Hawks, who forced a game 7 on the Celts, who would not win a road game until they faced Detroit in the Eastern Finals. the difference was Ray Allen, who for whatever reason, just disappeared for most of these playoffs. Once Allen found his shot against the Pistons, it was over.
and then there were the Lakers, led by the new-look Kobe Bryant. with the addition of Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol, the Lakers were barreling through opponents, reviving the vaunted Laker mystique, and calling forth the Kobe/Jordan comparisons. the first day of voting, before game one, 80% of ghettoManga fans felt the Lakers were a lock to win it all, since most people made it out to be just a scoring battle between Bryant and Pierce. certainly, few could question Kobe's obsession with leading a Shaqless team to the only achievement that mattered to him anymore, or that basketball (more than any other team sport) allows a great player to take a team on his back for extended periods, but the greatest player in the game today was still not a match for a team of Boston's stature, character, and yes, desire. as one reader put it, Boston would win "because of the hunger, fam"... and he was right. after referee controversies, big leads blown by both teams, both coaches recognized that the more aggressive team had won every game leading up to game 6.
after 5 games, the voters knew the time. 64% favored Boston, who had lost two of the three games in LA, but who had the advantage of playing the two final games at home. the first quarter was close, thanks to a blinding 11 point performance by Kobe, but the defense held Kobe down the rest of the game while simultaneously muzzling his teammates, stealing the ball from the Lakers 18 times and holding them to just 3 offensive rebounds. On offense Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce combined for 69 points, 21 rebounds and 16 assists. in the face of the defense that Houston's Tracy McGrady called "the best defense I've ever seen," Kobe wasn't able to elevate his teammates or his game enough to compete. Kobe has grown a lot since his squabbles with Shaq and crying when they got trained by the Spurs a few seasons ago. he's even matured since he was barking to be traded last off-season.
but as good a story as it would have been to see him climb out of Shaq's long shadow, it was better to see Garnett's tears of joy, Allen's turnaround to earn the Finals MVP, which was still given to Paul Pierce, because he suffered in Boston through the lean years... yeah, the gamma-green explosion form 100-pound weakling to massive unstoppable force was good enough for the Hulk... it worked pretty well for the NBA Champs this season,

Pharoahe Monch freestyle

whatup Fam!
peep this dope freestyle by ghettoManga 2007 Rapper of the Year the mighty Pharoahe Monch. here Pharoahe blesses the Erykah Badu track, The Healer from momma Badu's hot new burner New AmErykah. cop that joint if you don't have it, but meanwhile, digest this...

-ghettoManga Mixtape

The Secret to Success...

"It's passion. You can't think about money. It's passion first. I always say that the dictionary is the only place you find success before work, and that's alphabetical. You have to approach your creativity with humility, and success with grace. The problem is that some people think they deserve the success and some people think they don't deserve it. Both of them are wrong."
QUINCY JONES: -Quincy Jones

2/3 of Nightwatch Trilogy available on DVD/Netflix

i told ya'll about these joints a while ago, but now i heard from my homegirl Camisha that they are available on DVD! read about NightWatch here, or just watch the trailers, homey!

trailer for Nightwatch

trailer for Daywatch
jeauh... russian writer/director Timur Bekmambeton is the same cat who's doing Wanted with angelina Jolie, morgan freeman, common, etc. and is attached to The Red Star as well. Nightwatch got CRAZY buzz overseas... point being, if Wanted is good, this director will turn into "that dude", and you're gonna wanna know what all the fuss is about, knah'mean?

ONCE again, back is the INCREDIBLE...

it's a GREAT time to be a comic book nerd....
so i went to the matinee to catch The Incredible HULK, the new action/sci-fi flick based on the fan favorite Marvel monster comic... and it was DOPE!!! in case you're wondering, it totally ignores the existance of Ang Lee's much-maligned 2003 attempt, and reboots the franchise, so there's no need to fear Nick Nolte strolling onto the scene and turning into a lightning bolt... which is not to say that The Incredible HULK exists in a vacuum, because it doesn't.
The Incredible Hulk - Secret (Spoilers!)

In fact, i think i can tell you without giving too much away, that this film follows in the footsteps of that other, better Marvel heropic Iron Man, in that it grounds Hulk firmly in the Marvel Universe. the fun thing about it is they manage to do it without taking away from the movie-ness of it... nerds... i mean enthusiasts like myself will have a blast geekin' over minutia, but the filmmakers didn't let the easter-egg hunt interfere with the story moving along. Incredible Hulk is a real movie, with emotion, stakes, decent acting, and a semi-believable plot that the average summer blockbuster fan can enjoy whether they know the multiple incarnations of the Hulk or not!
The Incredible Hulk - Hulk vs. Abomination

now, go watch it and let me know what YOU thought!

Invest In Kevlar part two

hate is the new love...

Invincible turns 50

one of my favorite comics (and probably the best superhero comic in the universe), Invincible reached issue #50 this month, not an easy task for essentially an indie comic (it is the best-selling comic at Image, but it's still an indie...). in this issue, Invincible turns on Cecil Stedman, his boss at the Global Defense Agency, when he finds out the GDA are employing murderers that he helped bring (he thought) to justice. it doesn't take long for the disagreement to erupt into a world-spanning battle royale that not only leaves Invincible on the outs with the GDA, but puts his relationship with the Teen Team and love interest Atom Eve in question.
Also in this issue, we get to peep "The Secret Origin of Cecil Stedman", where we get to see the back-story behind the man our hero just fell out with. like the main story, it is written by Invinciboss Robert Kirkman and drawn by series artist Ryan Ottley, but this story is inked by Cliff Rathburn and colored by my main man Kelsey Shannon.
the issue also features a Science Dog backup by Kirkman and Invincible co-creator Cory Walker, with colors by Fco Placencia. the story showcases how smart Science Dog is through the exchange of banter with his enemy, who has come to expect a lot from him.

on a sad note, this will be the last issue colored by Bill Crabtree, who's moving on to pursue other things. his work on Invincible has been nothing short of brilliant, and his choice of colors are always surprising and vibrant.
peace Bill!

Summit Entertainment has us seeing RED

Summit Entertainment has snagged the big screen rights to Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's action-packed mini-series Red. in case you've never read it, Red is the story of a retired government assassin who, through no fault of his own, is targeted for death by the self-same government he served tirelessly and faithfully for decades. unlike many comics tapped for the silver screen treatment, Red is designed so much like a blockbuster film that one might never consider that it started on a comics page. published by DC/WildStorm, Red is the first DC Comics title to leave parent company Time Warner’s production umbrella.
we'll see how it goes...

and now, back to the Boondocks...

more Boondocks...

the N-word...

Wouldn't You Like To Be A Nigger Too? by Nas, from his forthcoming concept album, The N-Word (it's actually untitled, get the story behind that here!)
Can't you just SMELL the controversy? watch the whole thing (not at work, unless you wanna go to HR), then let's talk!

Season Two Drops Today!

Hate if you must, but i submit for your parusal, the illest show on teevee is now available for all those who ain't spring for cable (ya'll DO got a DVD player, right?). that's right homeys, The Boondocks, Season Two DVD drops today, so take a little bit from each utility bill and cop that (just kidding. please pay your bills)... watch this clip, and peep more of the gM TeeVee Show of the Year for 2007 right here for free. then, once you get your paper right, run go get that!


DIY animation

trailer for Sita Sings the Blues, the animated feature created by flash animator Nina Paley.
i first saw this on Sho's blog. check her out, too!

i know Kung Fu...

okay, so me and the wife finally went to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. it's a dreamworks movie, so i had not thought it would be as good as the average Pixar joint, but they did a GREAT job on this one! this movie had great design and a well-constructed, family-friendly story of a slacker/dreamer who has to learn to believe in himself and reach his full potential. I'm not all that impressed with the scattered pop-culture humor Dreamworks usually resorts to in their 3d films, but the humour in Kung Fu Panda is tightly packed and focused in the film, with fanboy references that true Kung Fu heads will catch without being a distraction to the chi-impaired.
the movie had all-around splendid design, from the character designs (you'll love Angelina Jolie's character, Master Tigress and the elderly turtle sensei Master Oogway)to the soundtrack. the environments were especially well-conceived, and thankfully, so were the fight scenes! the fight scene choreographer was actually trained in Kung Fu, and all the animators got Kung Fu lessons to prepare for the film! and it shows, as the fight scenes are among the best i've ever seen in an american cartoon!

the opening sequence and end titles employed 2d animation and were so fabulous it made me wanna see DreamWorks do more 2d joints too! Anyways, please go watch this movie... we need to see more films executed on this level.

WIP (work in progress...)

here's a little character design sketch i did as part of a project i'm currently working on for one of my favorite clients. i like working with him, because he always challenges me to do what i feel is good work, but he also makes me feel like he enjoys what i do, not that i was the only artist he could find... he pays me on time too (always a good thing!)
this assignment started out as a simple web illustration, but lead to full-blown character design, with turnarounds of multiple characters and the whole nine! more than getting a li'l extra bread out of it (NICE!), it's got me stretching my character design muscles!
anyways, i gotta get back to work!

Stress Management

Breathe Slow by Mars Ill

also, peep a great little article on Stress Management on the Jungle Jem.

Who's Gonna Win?

cast your vote on the right, leave comments below. updated Daily...


check out ya bredren Charlie FAB Goubile's new sketchbook Mass Appeal, available RIGHT NOW for purchase on IndyPlanet (just click the cover on the left, fam!)... 32 pages of urban scrawl for just ten bucks! and once you're done geekin' on that, gird your loins in anticipation of Blackbird, the new comic he got bubblin' with Trimekka Studios.

Fab has recently done a complete overhaul on the art style of Blackbird, which now sports his new Pearsonesque steelo! because of all the changes, Blackbird has been pushed back till the fall-winter of '08, but if these character designs and teaser art are any indication, this joint is gonna be burn-your-fingerprints-off HOT, and definitely worth the wait, homey!

see what i mean?

Gorilladon redesign/sketch

peace, fam...
i recently re-read the script i wrote for my monster opus, Gorilladon Lives!, and i gotta tell you: it's pretty sweet! so last night at work, i set out to tweak the character design for everybody's favorite giant monster they never heard of, and i drew this little joint (click to enlarge).

originally created for the sole purpose of being in one scene of Dare: Shook (that's Dare in the lower right hand corner!), Gorilladon quickly took on a life of his own! anyways, one of my goals for '08 is to get Dare:Breaking the Ice and Gorilladon Lives! in your hot little hands by year's end, so keep your eyes peelt!

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