Have y'all seen this TMNT fancomic SECRETS OF THE OOZE by @RossCampbelll? SO GOOD!

 The idea of drawing comics featuring characters I don't own and never printing them (because, you know... the law or something...) is totally alien to me. That said, there are some really dope fan comics out there. Here's one of them: Secrets of the Ooze, by that dude Ross Campbell...

The sales pitch:
Secrets of the Ooze is a very loose adaptation of the movie TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze directed by Michael Pressman. in addition to the regular four Turtles, there's a fifth, Artemisia, and Alopex, the Turtles' adopted mutant fox sister who has lived with them since a young age and whose origins are a mystery. Artemisia has no special origin, in this story there were simply five turtles from the beginning.

the story takes place in 1991, and picks up several months after Shredder was defeated and believed dead after being crushed in a garbage truck by Casey Jones, and the Turtles
& friends now live peacefully at April's farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts. but things won't stay peaceful for long, as both old and new enemies show up and the secrets of the Turtles' mutation are revealed.

Guest page by Erin Watson

We all know Ross loves the turtles, but wow! I love how he puts his own stamp on the characters (his April O'Neal... ♥) and injects so much emotion into the story. He has an affinity for illustrating tender moments alongside an aptitude for depicting violence that you rarely see in one artist. Did I mention he's not getting paid for this comic? Bow down...
Anyways, I gotta go to worrrk (boo!), so just click here to read more (lots more) Secrets of the Ooze on DeviantArt. If you're a nerd awesome like me, you can join the DeviantArt fan group for SOTO here.
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Sophie said...

thanks so much, Samax!! :D

a couple corrections: it's Secrets of the Ooze plural, not Secret! ;) and page 10 (this one http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bquuIQAyra8/VAuLycz6ypI/AAAAAAAAgYU/KpKyby0QgZA/s1600/TMNT-soto-byRossCampbell-10.jpg) is a guest page drawn by Erin Watson/missgreeney, so be sure to include credit for her, please!!

Samax said...

Thanks, ross!

Sophie said...

thanks!! :D thank you again for the attention, it's much appreciated!

Samax said...

No problem. I'm happy to try and spread the word about work I like, and to spell all the names right if possible! :)

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