#yesReally- BO, PLUSHY GANGSTA: KINGDOM OF BO Trade Paperback published by @ActionLab

I saw an issue of post-hip hop blaxploitation comic BO, PLUSHY GANGSTA the last time I went to the comic shop, but I forgot to write about it when I got home, so I'm glad I ran across this preview art for the trade paperback today...
Here's the sales pitch:
Are the legends of Bo, the “teddy bear” gangsta, true? And, did we just say teddy bear gangsta?! You’re about to find out– when the soul of Gardia City’s toughest gangsta gets imbued in a plushy bear by a voodoo priestess. It’s Scarface meets Ted in this over-the-top video game style urban epic. Collects Bo Plushy Gangsta # 1-4.

I will not be surprised if there is backlash against PLUSHY GANGSTA, but it won't be coming from me! This looks hilarious! BO is the brainchild of Russian video game artist Pavel Balabanov, who I would imagine only knows black people from Dr. Dre videos, Ice Cube movies, and Grand Theft Auto... but damn, this joker can DRAW! I have always made the connection between Blaxploitation and gangster rap, as far as the image of black people it carries out into the world.

I guess I'm part of the problem... 'cause I want to buy this. Like a lot of indie cats who wind up taking a while to finish a book, Balabanov's art varies in styles from beginning to end, but dude's definitely got professional grade drawing chops.  If he puts out more stuff like this, I would expect to see him work his way up the ladder from Action Lab to bigger publishers. In my experience, dudes that like to draw crazy comics like this usually get tapped by the majors to draw more mainstream stuff before too long.
 Anyways, Bo, Plushy Gangsta: Kingdom of Bo is in stores now, so if you're digging this, get it while the getting is good.  CLICK HERE to cop it on AMAZON.

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