Our friend @RobertTRES Trujillo supplies RadDad cover art!

Massive shout out to that dude Robert TRES Trujillo, whose art graces the cover of the new issue of RAD DAD!

In Stores Now- "SAGA #18" by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples

We didn't do a GhettoManga Awards list for 2013, but if we had, there's a pretty good chance that Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples's genre-bending science fiction fantasy  SAGA would have won for Comicbook of the Year. Check out this preview of  the latest issue...

Preview a couple more of Dynamite's "JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS" comics in stores today

Obviously, Dynamite Entertainment has more sense than Walt Disney Pictures. Disney gave their 2012 adaptation of A Princess of Mars the lack-luster title John Carter, while Dynamite gives their comics exploring the Barsoom series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs titles like Warlord of Mars and Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars. You know, titles that might actually make one want to check them out...

IN STORES TODAY- Adventure Time 2014 Winter Special

Just when you thought there was no upside to the polar vortex, global colding and other assorted winter bee ess, (ka)BOOM drops the Adventure Time 2014 Winter Special to warm your hearts and hearths. Peep...

New TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES pages by @RossCampbelll

We're obviously champions of creator-owned indie comics here at GhettoManga... but there is something special about watching a creator get the chance to work on a property they truly love. After years of interacting with Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, Shadoweyes) on the internet, I know Ross LOVES the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it is especially cool to watch him illustrate the Turtles on this IDW book.

"From my spaceship, Look down on n*ggas tell em you ain't ish. Can't get caught in the Matrix, fuck what you think bitch" STS powered by @Skibeatz

Rewind with me to 2011. I was working for a very cool e-learning company, helping to make educational cartoons for their website. Fun work, but it requires lots of music (Trust me on this). I didn't have an iPod or anything like that, and they didn't allow loading music on the computers. They DID however allow us to stream internet content, so I created extensive youTube playlists that I listened to while working...

This YouTube cartoon "Shady, California" by @AlfonsoAmey1 is hilarious!

If you watched Alfonso Amey's Paula Deen Meets Black Jesus, you already know about his love for bad language and NSFW comedy.  If not... well... I apologize in advance for all the gay jokes in SHADY CALIFORNIA... of which there are many.

We're curious to know what YOU guys are working on?

Things are busy at GhettoManga headquarters, but we find ourselves wondering: What are YOU working on these days?

#musicToDrawTo "GGMOOD!" by the sentient DOOMbot known as @GripGrand (tastes great with or without MF DOOM)

Okay, I officially fux with the Cali-based rogue scholar Grip Grand, who produced this mixtape GGDOOM with a shite-load of vinyl and some  lifted acapellas by everyone's favorite rapping super villain.

Brandon Graham, Ron Wimberly, and... Jeru? Yeah, I go there...

He leaps over lies in a single bound. Who is he? The black Prophet! One day, he got struck by Knowledge of Self. It gave him super scientifical powers... Wait. No...  I was thinking of someone else. This is the cover to the new issue of Brandon Graham's PROPHET. Well, the character technically belongs to Rob Liefeld, but Brandon has made the concept his own in a big way!

PREVIEW - new "BLACK DYNAMITE" comic from @IDWPublishing

Here at GhettoManga, we love Black Dynamite. We love the movie. We love the cartoon. We love the one-shot comic that Ars Nova self-published a while back. And now, we're excited to see that they've taken the comic over to IDW for a brand new #1, with that dude Ron Wimberly making nice on pencils. Peep...

"We killin' em softly with beats and rhymes. If the city bump this, you will see a decrease in crime..." -Kilo Art-of-Fact

Real quick, here's the single I Look Arabian by Dallas-based rap crew Grey Matter from their new album the Grey Matter Project, plus enjoy the album art by my dude GhettoManga contributor Michael Lagocki.

MISFORTUNE HIGH #1 by @JulesRivera is on the way... PLUS issue 2 is in full swing!

I just filled out the form to receive my copy of Jules Rivera's Kickstarter-funded urban fantasy funnybook Misfortune High #1, which I am very excited to read. She posted the pic above of the books which arrived last week, and I imagine books have already went out to other backers, since I was late filling out my shipping info. Anyways, I went diving through her Kickstarter updates and the MH Tumblr and found some process art from issue #2...

"I'm Thor with the hammer, you soft like Rick Moranis..." @Headkrack

I want to thank Headkrack and the whole Bodega Bros fam for reminding us that rappers never get tired of referencing Thor's hammer. This quotable comes from the Bodega Brovas song Steve Buschemi, which you can stream or download below.

#nowWatching "Full Throttle" by Castor Pollux (prod. by Rice Master Yen)

I got a message today from German producer Rice Master Yen linking to this video for Full Throttle by Castor Pollux. I always enjoy the Rice Master's beats, so I checked it out...

#musicToDrawTo "ALL DAT GLITTERS AIN'T GOALS" instrumentals produced by @Illastrate inspired by the works of Fahamu Pecou.

I'm streaming these instrumentals to All Dat Glitters Ain't Goals, by Fahamu Pecou and Illustrate. I also embedded the original EP, which features Atlanta-based hip hop from emcees like Ekunday (Liuns Den) Clan Destined, Boog Brown, Methuzulah, Stic man, Starchile, etc. You're welcome.

"My inner prize is more precious than the Enterprize. Starship Star Trekking when the pen applies" @Th3oryHazit of DC COMETS #nerdcore

I'm a big fan of Kentucky native emcee-producer Theory Hazit, so I was intrigued to see him combine with Cream of Beats under the moniker DC Comets.  Peep DC Comets' new video Astro, where Hazit gets his MF DOOM on courtesy of a cheap gladiator helmet...

Our friend @Erik_Reeves is hard at work on his afrofuturist comic PEACEKEEPER: NEW WORLD ORDER #2

Here's Erik Reeves' artwork for the cover to the second issue of his science-fiction series Peacekeeper: New World Order. Because Erik does so much illustrating work to pay bills, his comics (like Peacemaker and Hoodratz in Space) come out slowly...

A quick preview of QUANTUM & WOODY #7 (published by @ValiantComics)

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