"From my spaceship, Look down on n*ggas tell em you ain't ish. Can't get caught in the Matrix, fuck what you think bitch" STS powered by @Skibeatz

Rewind with me to 2011. I was working for a very cool e-learning company, helping to make educational cartoons for their website. Fun work, but it requires lots of music (Trust me on this). I didn't have an iPod or anything like that, and they didn't allow loading music on the computers. They DID however allow us to stream internet content, so I created extensive youTube playlists that I listened to while working...
While I worked, I frequently shared gems like this track Moon Walkin' (from super-producer Ski Beatz's attitude-adjusting 24 Hour Karate School album series) on social media, but as I was listening today I realized that I had never dropped this joint on the blog and decided I had to correct that.
Sharing on social media is cool, but I like having a more accessible and searchable record of the things I share with my peoples. It helps me clarify my mission of spreading the good news of fly sheet at a glance, seen? Plus, Facebook is cool, but this is MY house.
Anyways, I never heard of STS (which stands for Sugar Tongue Slim) before Ski shoved him in my face. I don't think I would have paid STS any mind otherwise, but that's the beauty of following deejays. They spread dopeness by nature on some Johnny Appleseed shit. Here's some more STS if you never heard of him

Nothing to change the world (I'm all bout changing the world, yo), but good to bump when I want to feel young and/or relevant. While not a backpacker-grade lyricist, STS is appealing enough to warrant more exploration. I'll let you know if I find anything noteworthy...
Have a great day!

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. Because you demanded it (well, maybe not YOU, but somebody did), his freestyle comic Spontaneous will be returning this year. He also wants to draw at least 14 album covers in 2014, so click here if you need album art.

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