#musicToDrawTo "GGMOOD!" by the sentient DOOMbot known as @GripGrand (tastes great with or without MF DOOM)

Okay, I officially fux with the Cali-based rogue scholar Grip Grand, who produced this mixtape GGDOOM with a shite-load of vinyl and some  lifted acapellas by everyone's favorite rapping super villain.
In the words of my man Khalid who shared this with me recently:
"Man, how'd I miss this one?"
Here's the sales pitch:
As a tribute to one of his major influences, Grip Grand went into a studio with a bunch of MF DOOM acapellas and 1.5 tons of vinyl. The result is this EP, which plays like it was produced, if not by DOOM himself, then definitely by a DOOMbot.

I can dig it. This mess definitely reminds me of DOOM's production, and Grip does an amazing job of matching DOOM's off-kilter flow to the beats, as if the villain was in the studio reacting to the beats, not the other way around. In fact, I assumed it was DOOM on the production, until I read the YouTube blahzay blah. It's like the hip hop equivalent of when Doctor Doom gets beat up by Deathlok, Darkhawk, or some other D-lister, only to have it later revealed (or retconned) that it was just a rogue Doombot. Cause after all, nobody beats Doom.
It's only fitting that after launching his own villainous and controversial DOOMbot initiative back in the day that now rogue DOOMbots are sprouting up in the wild. As a fan who has fallen victim to DOOM's villainy in the past, I am pleased to see dudes like Grip Grand flipping it like this. I have no way of being sure at this point, but I think the Villain would approve...

Here, Grip Grand chops up his own video for Jive Turkeys with a total disregard for copyright that only a true hip hopper could muster... Gotta love it! I am now OFFICIALLY on the Grip Grand fan bandwagon. You can stream Grip Grand's But How? (with or without DOOM rapping) below on some #musicToDrawTo type isht, and/or click here to cop the instrumentals via the magic of bandcamp and/or click here to cop the album courtesy of Rappcats


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