MISFORTUNE HIGH #1 by @JulesRivera is on the way... PLUS issue 2 is in full swing!

I just filled out the form to receive my copy of Jules Rivera's Kickstarter-funded urban fantasy funnybook Misfortune High #1, which I am very excited to read. She posted the pic above of the books which arrived last week, and I imagine books have already went out to other backers, since I was late filling out my shipping info. Anyways, I went diving through her Kickstarter updates and the MH Tumblr and found some process art from issue #2...
Let's start with the cover...

(sweet) aaand some internal pages...

Soft-core dragon porn? Maybe not...

Birds of the same feather, flock together, 
congested on a majestic... no, no, no...
For those who don't know, Misfortune High examines what happens when a rich, pampered young wizard gets expelled from his fancy private school and dropped into a magic school in the proverbial ghetto. I was already a fan of do-it-all cartoonist Jules Rivera from her all-girl space action comic Valkyrie Squadron, so getting down with Misfortune High was a no-brainer. 

Anyways, I imagine I will get my physical copy of Misfortune High in the coming weeks, so I will hold my review until then. You'll be able to order a physical copy soon too, but you can click here to download a pdf copy for just a buck right now!


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