Our friend @Erik_Reeves is hard at work on his afrofuturist comic PEACEKEEPER: NEW WORLD ORDER #2

Here's Erik Reeves' artwork for the cover to the second issue of his science-fiction series Peacekeeper: New World Order. Because Erik does so much illustrating work to pay bills, his comics (like Peacemaker and Hoodratz in Space) come out slowly...
Sneek peek of Peacekeeper #2 art ganked from Facebook
 Here's the Sales pitch:
When an evil plot to destroy mankind is revealed before the Main source council,
The beautiful Dr. Kerry Deltas-responsible for the development of the last peacekeeper war-body and Nathan Spiers- an honorably devoted soldier destined to restore the righteous order, find themselves bound together in an epic adventure that will begin their personal quests for love and the galaxy's ultimate battle for peace.

Completed thumbnails for Peacekeeper #2
I for one can't wait for this comic to come out. Well, I can and will wait... but you know what I mean.  There is an increasing awareness of the value of having people of color in science fiction, and we at GhettoManga second that notion. Click here for a preview of the first issue of Erik Reeves' Peacekeeper:Old World Order, or just click here to go buy it

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Samax Amen draws people, places, and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes them awesome. He's threatening to bring back his freestyle comic SPONTANEOUS in 2014, but we aren't holding our breath...]

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