Spiderman 3 trailer...

oh yeah...
at the Superman Returns premier, they messed around and showed the Teaser for Spiderman 3! sam raimi is at the helm once again and Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco all reprise their roles (as Spidey/Peter parker, Mary Jane, and Harry Osbourne, respectively...) in the third flick of the most successful comics film franchise of all time (domestic, international and dvd revenues in the billions with a "B").

rumors of the rise of archvillain Venom are no longer rumors, and we catch a glimpse of the Sandman (not that old dude at the Apollo...) and a new GreenGoblin/Hobgoblin... and it looks like Pete's puttin' the mack on Gwen Stacy, too (even money she won't make it out of this film alive)...

if this IS the last spidey joint for the raimi/maguire/dunst trinity, they are pullin' out all the stops! it'll be a minute... spidey's scheduled to hit screens may '07, so enjoy this for now...

there's gotta be moore...

whaddup children! why don't you go cop a behind the scenes look at the coloring technique of my fellow Sketchbook All-Star homie Andre Moore?!
Click on the pic to get a behind the step-by-step of how 'Dre colored this fresh chica! he has madd skills, so ya might wanna peruse his blog while you're there, or just skip the foreplay and go right to his mySpace page.
that's between ya'll...

anyways, that's just a little sumthin' for the fam'ly!

Superman Returns

superman returns was not the best superhero movie i ever saw. just wanted to get that outta the way... i had lots and lots of drama going on yesterday. amid all of it, i ALMOST forgot to spend my last few bucks on that midnight showing of Superman Returns (no, i didn't wait the extra hour to watch the IMAX version...). almost, but not quite!
it wasn't bad. for once (X-men and X2 director) Bryan Singer made a movie that wasn't in the top 5 superhero movies ever made, but to his credit, it IS better than x3, directed by his buddy Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Red Dragon), making it the best comics adaptation of the summer! spiderman 3 comes out next year, and V for Vendetta came out in the spring, so he's off the hook there!
designed as a sequal to the 26 year old classic Superman II (you remember: "you will kneel, son of Jor-El"), i found Superman Returns a bit too derivative. there wasn't much attempt to make the new Supes, rookie actor Brandon Routh, distinguish himself from his predecessor (he often comes off as though doing an imitation of the late Christopher Reeves' Clark Kent), his Superman was good though, as i felt he nailed the good-yet-tough-guy persona that Reeves underplayed. Likewise, Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane was okay, but unimpressive (Terry Hatcher owns Lois Lane!). Don't get me wrong, they have their moments (the onscreen chemistry between Lane and Superman is date movie-worthy, and the scenes where Supes flexes his power are good), but... OH! Kevin Spacey (Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, Se7en) was great as Lex. still, go check Superman and SupermanII for the true genius of Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor. Lex's plucky galpal, Kitty Kowalski , was played brilliantly by Parker Posey (Blade Trinity), but she was strangely similar to Ms. Teschmacher ("But Lex, my mother lives in Hackensack...") from the original Superman. you'd think Lex would'a learnt his lesson...

Unlike his X-men films, this movie is a bit too long, clocking in at an overweight 154 minutes. having only seen it once, i'm not sure where the fat shoulda been trimmed from, but it does drag in places...

all that aside, there were lots of great, great character moments and surprising, ballsy moves by Singer and crew to give the Superman storyline narrative thrust... enough for me to recommend the film to superhero fans, or fans of the first two films.

i found a wide variety of reviews to Superman Returns, reflecting the differences in what people came in looking for. the Original superhero, Superman's continuing relevance as a character is constantly being challenged, so it's no surprise that the movie is getting a mixed responses. Still, i thought it was pretty good, just not quite Super! check it out, and let me know what you think...

for more of my movie reviews, go here.

HipHop Promoters Need To Get Wise...

hipHop pioneer Wise Intelligent of the mighty Poor Righteous Teachers is looking to do more shows promoting the August release of his new record, Wise Intelligent is the Talented Timothy Taylor, which Wise describes as "the first period in a five CD box-set that I’m working on called, 'Back to School.' It’s what Hip-Hop is seriously lacking right now... "

Wise has made a commitment to making music that's jammin', but he believes you can still keep your mind's eye open "Some people say, 'Conscious Rap doesn’t sell,' and yet Public Enemy and The Fugees sold millions..."

so anyways, Wise has just come home from a successful Midwest tour, according to Born Free at Intelligent Muzik: "Total Respect to all the fans/friends/family in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Chicago for giving Wise all your love, energy and support and making this promo tour a complete success! I just got off the phone with the God and he said that every city he rocked was the SHIT and represented exactly what real hipHop is all about... We love when these events come off without a hitch because it shows and proves to all the haters and non-believers behind the scenes that the hipHop community still loves, needs and wants Good and Intelligent Muzik! SO ALL PROMOTERS AND CLUB OWNERS! Get at us and make it Happen!"

so all you Promoters (especially in Dallas, 'cause that's MY area!!) out there, get at Born and bring Wise to your city!!!
for more of the interview with Wise, go here.
also, peep my Previous Blog.


Jurassic 5 Drops new LP!

my main man Cal Slayton dropped a jewel in my email today! my favorite old-schoolish Cali crew, the aptly named Jurassic5 ,are droppin' a new plate entitled Feedback next month (July 25th). and now that Cut Chemist has left the group (now there really ARE five of 'em!), it'll be interesting to see how it affects their signature sound.
as you might guess, they'll be on tour promoting said new LP, so check their website for tour dates (they'll be at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas on July 31st, fam'ly!).

get at me...

the Gospel According to Mike

some people seem to think hipHop is a religion (it isn't...) but IF it was and you needed to illustrate its Bible, you'd want Mike Thompson. son has this rap ish sewed up! his fly pieces have graced Ecko, Rocawear, Timberland (not to be confused with Timbaland!), Vibe, Fader, and more PLUS he's been personally commissioned by the likes of Jay-Z (the JMJ tribute Pic at left) and Kanye West (for the "Jesus Walks" video)... the point being, his work is FIRE!

peep more of his work at his website, www.mike T
artworks.com or bounce over to his mySpace (like i did!) and give him a shout! and please, please, please... recognize a true, amazing talent!

corporations threaten your rights... again!

the House of Representitives has passed the COPE bill and rejected proposals to insure Net Neutrality. the bill, if passed, will limit the use of the internet for passing on unrestricted information, including blogs like this one.

according to hipHop pioneer/activist DavyD, "Those who sided with the Comcast and Verizon are well aware that the ability of ordinary people to communicate to the masses is a problem because its been the only thing holding them accountable. For the last 5 years, the biggest stories about government corruption, corporate swindles, global warming and no weapons of Mass Destruction have come through Internet bloggers who were able to push an issue to the masses and force Fox, CNN and other News outlets to pay some sort of attention..."
i don't wanna bore you, but this is IMPORTANT. read more about this and what you can do about it here.

actions speak louder than words fam...

Dallas Heads Back to Miami this July for another Chance at the Championship!

nah, not the Mavericks... that ship has sailed. I'm talkin' about Dallas' own DeeJay Nemeses of the Hypnotic Tunez clique will return to south florida for another crack at the title. the Guitar Center Spin-off '06 DJ Battles and will be flown to Miami for the Regional Finals in July.
Nemeses got to the finals in last years competition and came in second place. Be sure to pickup the Scratch Magazine from last month for an article on last year's events that features DJ Nemeses. if he wins the Regional its off to Los Angeles again for the Finals!!!!! for details on the Spin-off Battles go here.


It's Offishall...

Canada's best-kept secret, Kardinal Offishall, has won three awards for his video and song "Everyday (Rudebwoy)" — best video, best director and the VideoFACT award- at the MuchMusic Video Awards (like the canadian MTV) in Toronto sunday night.

"This is real good right here," Offishall said on stage. "This is for all my hip-hop people from east to west.
"It's funny though, that I'm not in the best hip-hop category."

holla, eh?

new Rakim interview/Videos

peep the most respected rapper alive (well, jay-z's up there...) in a rare in-depth interview on The Breakdown. Rakim sheds light on his past, present, and future..Plus, get at a collection of Rakim videos from each time period of his storied 20 year career. This interview is viewable only at www.TheBreakdown.tv


Dallas Urban Arts Exhibition

Erykah Badu's Club, The Black Forest in Dallas will host a Hip Hop Arts Exhibition this saturday. in addistion to performances by Planet Asia, Self Scientific, and other rappers from parts south east and west, there will also be an Emcee Battle, B-Boy Showdown, Art Exhibit, & Fashion Show. that's all i know right now... i'll get back with more later.


Block Party on DVD

yo! cop Dave's concert movie on DVD now, Nyukkas! as you might expect, the unrated DVD includes extra concert footage and chapellian goodness. i haven't seen it, but i DO know there's a superfresh Blackstar song on the soundtrack! so somebody cop Dave Chapelle's Block Party and burn me a copy (just kidding, Dave!)! for real though, click the picture to go to the official site to peep some clips...



i have removed the comment moderation from this blog. this means you will automatically see your comments after you post them, instead of having to wait for me to approve them...
this is meant to encourage comments (remember, i allow anonymous comments for the truly paranoid, also to allow non-Blogspot members to comment, because i want to hear from people who read my blog!) NOT SPAMMERS AND OTHER IRRELEVANT CRAP! let's play nice children, or i'll take up all the toys and send you in the house...

samax (the linkyness means you can email me too...).

Felipe Smith for President!!!

i could be wrong, but i do believe Felipe Smith is the FUTURE of comics! this is hands-down the most dedicated comic book artist i have ever seen! if you don't believe it, click the picture to check out the Camp Out! this has 24-hour comic day beat!

and to save time, peep my previous post on Felipe and his KILLER manga MBQ from TokyoPop. once you're convinced he's the illest n#$%& alive, check him out at www.FelipeSmith.com or just go buy MBQ.

Jamurai's Interests: Revenge!

here's another really good example of the kinda work that inspired this blog: the Jamurai by Underground Cartoonist Iceberg Slick. The Jamurai was created in 1998, as an excuse to combine Slick's passions for Comics, Kurosawa, cheesy Shaw martial arts flicks, and hip hop. soon after he and Dread Williams founded Dreadfully Slick Developements, a company dedicated to underground artistic expression in comics and animation. In addition to the Jamurai animated series they are responsible for Tales of Hip Hop Horror (co-created by the infamous Age Scott), Swiper (co-created by the wacky Jesse Vail), and Santa Claus is Coming to Die (soon to be animated on Christmas of 06)...
see what i mean? check him out at www.Jamurai.com

this strip cracked me up...

check this out:

the 'Food abides...

jim Mahfood is the real deal: a street-level-yet-somehow- still-avante-guarde comics artist, painter and all-around underground phenom! his style is consistant, but still manages to surprise me every time...
he alternately does it all: Live Art shows (a cross between painting and Freestyling), comics, album covers, and other artsy goodness, while maintaining his own style and vision...
it's harder than it looks fellas ("i make it look easy because it is to me..." black sheep)
anyways, props up to the Californographer! peep his mySpace page for a samplin' or get it straight from the horses mouth at www.40ozcomics.com


Droppin' Science...

when Dave Hanson was a teenager, he had a revelation: Artificial Intelligence will save the world! and whether he knew it or not, he's been on a mission ever since! i had the pleasure to meet Dave this weekend, and was invited to work with him creating a comic book version of the future he envisions. i'll post more about that when i can (i signed so many non-disclosure papers yesterday, it wasn't even funny...), but i thought i'd say a bit about Dave and his creations now.

Dave's company Hanson Robotics (formerly Human Emulating Robitics), creates "next Generation robots" that can recognise and react to not only human speech, but facial expressions as well. and if you've never seen a robot that looked and emoted like a human being, just check out Einstein!
David is one of those people who truly loves and believes in what he does. and it's been good to the accomplished (featured in Wired magazine, formerly employed by Disney) young Phd student/entrepeneur, who's currently planning a media blitz that has to be seen to be believed...
check out Dave's company website, and i'll get back to you with more later.

Girls, Girls, Girls...

the Joe Kubert School is the most well-known and respected school in America for comics artists, an industry dominated largely by men. fortunately, the school is turning out more women as we speak... no really!
i can see you don't believe me, so i'll prove it! QB Dolls is a clique of female students, all working to master comics and animation and give other young ladies a stronger voice at the school. to that end, they've banded together and put out the first QB Dolls Sketchbook 2006 to bring awareness to their group and it's talented artists!

peep a preview of the full-color sketchbook (and BUY it cheapskate!) HERE, and holler at my girl Arie on mySpace (one of the talented young ladies who put this joint together) while you're at it...
go on... like you got somethin' better ta do.


"Night Watch" Director tagged for two comics adaptations

That's right... Timur Bekmambeton, russian writer/director of Nochnoy Dozor (that's Night Watch to you, gringo!) the movie that's taken the Russian (and now american arthouse) film world by storm, will be directing not one, but two-count 'em TWO- comics adaptations: Mark Millar's Wanted and Archangel Studios' The Red Star.

okay, first of all Night Watch is the first installment of a trilogy based on the best-selling sci-fi novels by Sergei Lukyanenko. Set in contemporary Moscow, the story revolves around the conflict and balance maintained between the forces of light and darkness. In ancient times, a truce was struck, but now, things are (as they say) amiss. it's apparently really, really good (sorry... came out same week as V for Vendetta. and only in select theatres... so i missed it). probably the most highly-touted foreign film since Trainspotting or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, this film shows the director has the chops to direct films based on:

Wanted. written by Mark Millar (Ultimates, Chosen, The Authority) with striking art by the inimitable J.G. Jones (Marvel Boy). the graphic novel's premise is simple: Wesley is a white collar whipping boy (drawn by Jones to look every BIT like Eminem!) who knows his girl is sleeping with his best friend but is too much of a wuss to do anything about it. Until he finds out his long lost dad has died, passing on his legacy as the world's greatest assassin and membership in the dimension-hopping supervillain massive, The Fraternity. before long, Wes becomes The Killer, as he has inherited his pop's super-badassness (not to mention his super-hot Halle Barry lookalike sidekick/boytoy: The Fox!) and an endless arsenal of weapons. and that really is just scratching the surface (did i mention the Fraternity has long since systematically killed ALL the superheroes and taken over the world? oh... well they did.). Even if they can't get Em and Halle to star (please! please!), this will still be the jiz-oint!!!

The Red Star is a Cold-War inspired fantasy/scifi epic that immediately struck me as a natural for the fantasy videogame genre that's popular now, with its blend of revisionist political allegory, epic war drama, and gripping love story. the art (you can wake up now, i'm talking about the art!) on the comic, a blend of hand-drawn and CG, balances the fantastic technological and mystical elements with the very human drama of its characters flawlessly. in the hands of a skillful (not to mention Russian) director, this actually looks promising as a live action movie as well. Plus, it'll be produced by series co-creator Christian Gosset, so there shouldn't be any compromise of the series' great characters!

anyways, these films are far from done, so who knows... i've definitely got my fingers crossed!


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