"Is @DavidBanner Muslim or Christian? IT DOESN'T MATTER MOTHAFUCKA Cause I'm BACK on a mission!"

There are Fantastic Four and Masters of the Universe references, a dope Malcolm X sample, and a whole shitload of knowledge spit over a  grinding Gensu Dean beat in this new David Banner video The Cross. So you know I'm LOVING it...

I got this shit on repeat right now.  

I think it is fair to say that I make it my business to bring people together, to try to build on what we have in common, to make peace between camps that are needlessly beefing, in the interest of creating synergies that can overcome social inadequacies that  reduce quality of life in our communities.

To that end, we have to be able to identify what causes separations among us and get that shit under control. People like to fight about differences, even when it isn't really called for.  Even when it undermines their ability to achieve their own stated goals. 

Stop that shit, fam.

I love spiritual hip hop, regardless of what religion it's tied to.  I find my faith fed by the fruit of other people's faith, not sweating the details.  I believe in seeking wisdom, knowledge, and dope raps, wherever they may be found. I grew up on the militant Muslim rappers of the late eighties, learned that God/life balance from the conscious emcees of the nineties, bathed my soul in the Christian hip hop underground, and bang my head to that kemetic black god hop too.  I dust religious shade off my shoulder, partake of whatever God brings me, and build + destroy with righteous brothers and sisters of every faith (or no faith at all) with joy.

So in case you're wondering:
Is Samax Amen Muslim or Christian?
It doesn't matter motherfuckers, 

Cause I'm back on a Mission!

Samax Amen is a professional Content Developer, Illustrator and Cartoonist. Click here to hire him to breathe life into your concepts.
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Big Shane said...

David Banner freaking the fuck out that beat, fam!

Samax said...

"My mind's mechanized t'see farther than Mekaneck.
He-man, Heru, fool, phone check!"

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