Hey! I didn't know @SonnyLiew was drawing @DCcomics' new DR. FATE series!

I always loved DC's pseudo-Egyptian master mage Dr. Fate.  I also enjoy Sonny Liew's art. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Sonny's art on the Lord of Order's new Dr. Fate series, written by Paul Levitz!

"I'm tryin'a send my babies to college, While you rappers' babies sift through yo pockets..." @MethodMan

I wasn't terribly impressed with this animated trailer for The Meth Lab, the upcoming album from Method Man, but that doesn't mean I don't smell what the Ticallion Stallion is cookin'. Stream the animated trailer, the title cut, and a dope promo track below...

That dude @JamarNicholas updates you on the LEON GN, AWESOMECON, STUDIO BLACKBOSS and more...

l to r Patrick Strange, Jamal Igle, Jamar, Jeremy Whitley & Gabrial Canada
The mighty Jamar Nicholas sent an update out to all us long-suffering backers of LEON: PROTECTOR OF THE PLAYGROUND, and I'm sharing an excerpt with you, because that's how I roll:

You had me at "E is for Exctinction"...

Just between you and me, the last time I was REALLY excited about the X-men was during Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's mind-melting run on NEW XMEN, so my eyes bugged out when I saw the cover to E is for Extinction #1, which explores the Secret Wars remix planet dedicated to the Morrison-Quitely era of Marvel's Merry Mutants. Here's a letter-free preview!

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