New pages from Brandon Graham's "Multiple Warheads:Downfall"

Here's some more pages from Brandon Graham's upcoming Multiple Warheads: Downfall, which collects early tales from his post-apocalyptic werewolf romance comic.

CWR interviews BREAKING BAD's Charles Baker, plus Black Milk, Homeboy Sandman, and more!

Our friends from the other side of the pond interviewed Charles "Skinny Pete" Baker of Breaking Bad (and a gang of dope hip hop guests) on this week's episode of the Conspiracy Worldwide Radio Friday Night Live Show. Plus, as is their custom, Mista Montana and Menace supply hours of fresh hip hop music for your speaker.

"The role of layout artist in 2D animation is equal to that of the camera man and the actor in live action..." @LeSeanThomas

The high-speed inspiration train that is teevee animation producer/director LeSean Thomas don't stop. Peep the fifth and final episode of his groundbreaking documentary series Seoul Sessions, in which LeS and crew take us on a tour of the mysterious and extremely important world of animation production in South Korea. 

What do you think of FOOD ONE's LiquidTV cartoon DISCO DESTROYER?

We've all been waiting patiently for Jim Mahfood's funk-fueled animated series Disco Destroyer to debut on Liquid Television... now here's a peek. For the record, this joint is exactly what you would expect from the captain of the Pervert Train, so make sure to put your kids, supervisors, and Sunday school teachers to bed before you press play, ya dig?

"WALKING WITH GODS" starring David Banner is my new SHEET!!!

Jackson, Mississippi's favorite son David Banner is beating up the game again, this time with the debut of his live action superhero web series Walking With Gods, in which he stars as Alex, a southern cat whose perfect life is upended when an evil deity decides to get all up in his shit. Credits also include the mighty Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman) on storyboards and producing and John Jennings (The Hole, Black Comix, Black Kirby) on graphic design.

Awesome Webcomic- SISTER CLAIRE by @Yamino

Holy crap! I was screwing around on DeviantArt when I came across this cartoony action nun comic Sister Claire about a young orphan nun whose monochrome world explodes with color when... well, just look at this preview!

"Don’t focus too much on the negative in someone else’s work... Make your work the counterargument to the work you don’t like." -Ron Wimberly

Jurny Big + Peace 586 = The Battery #doTheMath

I been a fan of both Jurny Big and Peace 586 for a minute. Jurny mastered the voice of the disgruntled dope emcee decades ago, so it's always good to check in on what he's up to. Even more so when he's riding on a Peace 586 beat.  Here's the video for Glass, a single the duo created under the moniker The Battery from their album Two, which is out now on illect recordings...

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