Jurny Big + Peace 586 = The Battery #doTheMath

I been a fan of both Jurny Big and Peace 586 for a minute. Jurny mastered the voice of the disgruntled dope emcee decades ago, so it's always good to check in on what he's up to. Even more so when he's riding on a Peace 586 beat.  Here's the video for Glass, a single the duo created under the moniker The Battery from their album Two, which is out now on illect recordings...

I love it. I don't think I have ever watched a video with Jurny in it before...  It's very satisfying to see a grown dude rapping who is obviously grown. Funny that I say that since most of the video they have a little kid millivanillin' Jurny's verses. I barely watch videos anyways. So like I said before, Jurny and Peace form a Gang Starr-like crew called The Battery, which I actually first heard on this song Children (The Battery) Peace's beat tape aBle without knowing it.

Yea. Dope. What was I talkin' about? Oh yeah!
The new album Two has features by Sev Statik, Playdough, and Propaganda, so it's guaranteed to be dope. It's available on iTunes now, so click here to do that, money.

easy now...

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