Teasers for the upcoming animated film "Soul Man"

My feelings won't be hurt if you've already seen these trailers for Soul Man, the genre-bending blaxploitation sci-fi joint from French animator and fledgling director Guillaume Ivernel (Dragon Hunters), but I just saw them today, and damn... it looks hot...

(Un)Dead Fred...

In an effort to get people to buy the cow from which I often give away free milk, I've been trying to keep the (Un)Dead Celebrities entries under raps... but this Redd Foxx/ Fred Sanford as zombie that Robert Summers dropped on me yesterday was too hilarious!

2 issues of Black Panther dropping in December w/ Oeming & Martinbrough on art? YES PLEASE!!!

Here's the cover art to Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #526 (below) & 527 by Francesco Francavilla, plus some cool Black Panther drawings by Mike Avon Oeming (Powers, Hammer of the Gods, Mice Templar) who will kick in on some art for the story arc...

"Pushing Up Daisies" a one page comic by Josh Boulet

My dude Josh Boulet (The Green Reefer, The Wrong Night in Texas) did the one pager below, which was accepted for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund benefit anthology Deadly Tales: One and Done. As usual, he did a great job!

Start the day off right w/ the Muthaf*#@in' Rapture & 7even:Thirty

Good morning, Viet Nam... that dude The Rapture blessed me with a few tracks this week, including this joint DNS (Dirty Nerd Sh#!) which as you could imagine touched a mother effing nerve...

INTERVIEW: Eric M. Esquivel speaks on "The Blackest Terror"

I've heard of a few comics writers taking a stab at some of the comic characters that have fallen into the public domain (that just means that no one owns the rights to the characters... try to keep up), and have seen some interesting things done with them... one that crosses into the territory of being eyebrow-raising is Eric M. Esquivel's new superhero/revolutionary The Blackest Terror.  I got a chance to interview Esquivel pretty in-depth about the universe he created for The Blackest Terror one-shot, the other books in the series he is creating for Moonstone Comics, and pretty much anything else I could think of...

New Mini Battle Men art by ZEES!

Mini Battle Men cover art in progress by ZEES

Album (p)Review: Venomous2000- "A Moment to Reflect Volume 2"

If you're listening to wack music, it's kind of your own fault. I mean, there are cats out there who are virtually unknown putting it down extra hard. Let's start with The Most Efficient, a banging posse cut off that dude Venomous2000's new album. Press play and get ready to meet at least one of your new favorite emcees...

Start the Day off Right w/ King Ra

I don't spend a lotta time on this blog complaining about rappers I don't like (meet me in real life, and it's another story...), but I don't mind posting about emcees who do it for me! Case in point: here's the video to Pain by NJ underground rap mainstay King Ra 'longside DJ Hush, produced by DJ Priority... While I generally do not encourage anyone to devote a lot of their free time and energy to griping about things they can't change, I definitely feel you, knah'mean?

Seeking Submissions: (Un)Dead Celebrities

For once, the rumors are true. There is definitely a short Michael Jackson comic (by that dude Howard Russell) in the next issue of GhettoManga Quarterly, which is under construction right now... I'm also looking to include fan art of other celebrities as undead creatures, so sharpen your pencils, fire up your cyntiq, and get to work...

Start the Day Off Right w/The Bodega Brovas

Greetings fam! Peep this video for We Got It from my boys Headkrack (yup!), Keynote and Travii, known collectively as the Bodega Brovas...

On Sale Now: Meta Sabian #1

I got a promo packet for this beautifully drawn science-fiction comic Meta Sabian a while back, but never got around to posting it, but after getting a look at it, I knew you would want to see it. So I posted the promo packet and some youTube promo videos below...

new Green Reefer, daily!

My friend and yours, the mighty Josh Boulet, will be dropping a brand new page of his pothead superhero comedy The Green Reefer:The Movie every day for the month of September.

start the day off Right w/Karniege + Lex Boogie

Sorry if you like to get your day started with something soft and jazzy isht... I prefer to crank them gritty intelligent gutter joints, so I reached for this Karniege track Go Harder, produced by Lex Boogie from the BX. It takes all kinds, right?

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