Teasers for the upcoming animated film "Soul Man"

My feelings won't be hurt if you've already seen these trailers for Soul Man, the genre-bending blaxploitation sci-fi joint from French animator and fledgling director Guillaume Ivernel (Dragon Hunters), but I just saw them today, and damn... it looks hot...

SOUL MAN™ Teaser Guillaume Ivernel (Blacklight Movies) from Blacklight Movies on Vimeo.
So far, I don't see why Soul Man is considered "Blaxploitation" except for the title, and the Angela Davis-class fro sported by the ahem... able-bodied star. I would consider it more of a sci-fi heist action joint that just happens to star a well-put-together black female with a thick New York accent, but I'll play along in the name of search engine optimization...

Ivernel and his international crew of blaxploitaters dropped the first trailer in March and the second one in September to assist in snagging the all-important capital to move the project forward. Hopefully, it's working. "Creativity, experience, originality, artistic intentions AND hardheaded economic thinking are the basis of Blacklight Team." as it expains on the website for the parent company Blacklight Movies. "We have a firm grip on budget and we want the highest possible value for money. For each project, we want to create a financial structure that complements the global talent pool we’ve built, putting the best that every country has to offer into the mix in terms of technology, design, music or writing."
 I like the sound of that, and who can argue with Soul Man's unbelievably high production standards... The only thing I don't like is that it's not coming out all that soon. At least, there's no release date. The company is aiming at the US feature film market, but is already talking about television spin-offs, digital video and (of course) video games. In other words, they are not just thinking about a hit movie, they are looking to establish a pop-culture brand that lasts, and I'd say that's pretty sweet.
Anyways, I don't have any more info right now, but as they leak more, I will share what I find! For more art, click here to go to the website.

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ross said...

dang, this does look sweet. the main girl looks awesome.

samax said...

I know, right?! Wish she got top billing...
either way, I'm all over this! I can't wait to find out more.

Arkonbey said...

I agree with you that it doesn't seem very Blaxploitation (thought the panel looks pretty pale).

It just looks like a black Aeon Flux ( with a funkier soundtrack) which is entirely awesome.

I like how they've using the Incredibles sort of style, where the characters are just a little bit exaggerated. I always feel this makes them more realistic than say, Polar Express (shiver).

Al Williams said...

dude....total freakin' nerdgasam......it looks nice...cant wait to see it all.

samax said...

@Arkonbey- yeah, I prefer cartoons over cheesy imitations of life any day!

@Al- YEP!

B_Steelo said...

I dig it. I dig the production value and the animation a lot.

You can only pull stuff of like this in nonamerican countries it seems

samax said...

Seems that way.

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