Start the day off right w/ the Muthaf*#@in' Rapture & 7even:Thirty

Good morning, Viet Nam... that dude The Rapture blessed me with a few tracks this week, including this joint DNS (Dirty Nerd Sh#!) which as you could imagine touched a mother effing nerve...
I'm hoping that this track (off The Rapture's upcoming plate #Plan:Si) is a snippet... I could stand for more verses from Rapture and guest emcee 7even:Thirty. Having hung out with both these cats, I knew they had the nerd chromosome, while they are both way too cool to be obvious about it... so it's dope to hear a nerdcore song like this from a couple of pure rhymers. Anyways, I can't tell you much about Plan: Si till I get with Rap and he breaks it down for me... then I'll give it to you. Till then, just click here to peep the three track preview on Bandcamp.
Have a nice Day... 
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