(Un)Dead Fred...

In an effort to get people to buy the cow from which I often give away free milk, I've been trying to keep the (Un)Dead Celebrities entries under raps... but this Redd Foxx/ Fred Sanford as zombie that Robert Summers dropped on me yesterday was too hilarious!

fred sanford zombie by Robert Summers aka *WILLEYWORKS

I've gotten in several great pieces, but Robert knocked me out with the cartoon style and humor on this one! I'm pleased with the variety of works people are doing for the GhettoManga Quarterly magazine! There's still time to get your pieces in if you're quick about it! The deadline is September 30... for more details, click here!

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Goldi gold said...


samax said...

Yup! This joint had me dying!

I was watching Harlem Knights the other day, and was reminded how much I miss Redd, so this was right on time!

Arkonbey said...

Oh, fantastic!

Redd already had the lurching down pat.

Of course, now I've got the theme from Sanford and Son stuck in my head...

samax said...

There are worse songs to have stuck in your head!

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