Start the Day off Right w/ King Ra

I don't spend a lotta time on this blog complaining about rappers I don't like (meet me in real life, and it's another story...), but I don't mind posting about emcees who do it for me! Case in point: here's the video to Pain by NJ underground rap mainstay King Ra 'longside DJ Hush, produced by DJ Priority... While I generally do not encourage anyone to devote a lot of their free time and energy to griping about things they can't change, I definitely feel you, knah'mean?
Everybody loves the rappers they love and hates the rappers they hate... that's been part of hip hop from the beginning... as has the concept of cats screaming on wack emcees. Gotta love it! My favorite part about this video is imagining the extras watching it for the first time saying "Why I gotta be listening to _____?!?!" Great stuff... Anyways, the video was directed by Jersey City graf painter and hip hop enthusiast SERRINGE. Pain is an early release from King Ra's upcoming mixtape Foot On They Necks vol. 1, but to listen to more King Ra right now, click here. And if you MUST listen to that commercial isht in Jersey... Watch your six!

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corance said...

Heh. I like that video. Vigilante justice.

samax said...

Is there any other kind of justice?

Meet The Producers said...

no there isnt it. lol

samax said...


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