go peep peep trailers and production photos for Ultraviolet , the ultraviolENT film from the director of the deceptively fresh equilibrium...

i am now officially excited...


Live Emcee Battlin'!

Hip Hop: Monday Nite Fights at the Carribean Grill

Live hip hop every Monday Nite
635 and Webb Chapel Right behind the Cinemark
$5 cover after 10pm
Ladies Free
until 11pm
Drink Specials, blah, blah, blah...
Hosted by Headkrack from 97.9 The BeatDj's Priest and Protege on the 1's and 2's.
i make an honest effort to go to this weekly. there's some nice emcees... start the week off right!



One of my favorite artists in the whole world is Eduardo Risso... he teams up with Carlos Trillo for the quirky crime tale Chicanos. i honestly couldn't tell you much about it yet because i picked up the 4th issue yesterday, and have no idea what has happened in the previous books (i do that sometimes...)

The story apparently revolves around on a young down-on-her-luck chicana P.I. (seen here)trying to make good in a messed-up situation...

the reason i copped it, of course, was the beautiful black and white art of the oft-imitated eduardo risso. his art, as always, is defined by distinct charcterization and deft, multilayered storytelling. an international comics veteran, the noirish argentinian's work on the Jonny Double miniseries blew me away, soon followed by the gritty revenge/conspiracy theory/ crime roller coaster 100 bullets, and Batman: Broken City (all published by vertigo/DC with his frequent partner-in-crime, writer Brian Azzarello). His work is a big influence on my comics work, and a ton of fun to read to boot!

check out this series, collected in english here.



strangeFruit was the BOMB! due to too many artists ahead of them, the SFP set was too short, but MAN... it sure was fresh...

also, i found out that Blackalicious, LifeSavas, and Pidgeon John (in case you didn't know, all three are DOPE!)are coming to town in march! shaping up to be a great month, and it ain't even started yet!!!


Strange Fruit Project @the Gypsy Tea Room

:for all you Dallas area hip hoppers, come out to FINAL FRIDAY tonite at the Gypsy Tea Room in deep ellum and peep the Strange Fruit Project. I'll vouch for these cats! they are the real deal, in my opinion. i first heard of 'em a few years ago... they are the reason i didn't think Little Brother was that big a deal. Strong Words, i know. they are THAT good. and guess what else? they're from Waco, TX. can you believe it?!?! their beatsmith S-1 did a remix for austin emcee Bavu Blakes (the song was "Black Gold"), that was totally off the meter. get that track by any means necessary...
groups like this, emcees like Bavu and other promising local talent shows me it's still okay to be a hip hopper in Texas...

peace, love, etc.

Ultimate Avengers DVD...

Marvel has released the Ultimate Avengers DVD, loosely based on The Ultimates, which was itself a reimagining of The Avengers, a mainstay Marvel comic starring heavyweights like Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man... didja follow that?
the gyst of Ultimates was to take the long running Marvel comic (created by: you guessed it, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), strip it of all the years of continuity (which can confuse new readers...), and recreate the characters in, and for, the modern day. the job fell in the very capable hands of writer Mark Millar and artist Brian Hitch, both of whom had made their mark on the critically acclaimed dark superhero romp, The Authority. the Ultimates, with high sales and critical acclaim, was an unqualified success.

now, as Millar and Hitch are ready to end their run on Ultimates (their current story arc, the aptly and cleverly titled "Grand Theft America", will sadly be the duo's last) after two years, marvel is bringing the DVD version to the small screen, apparently adapting Millar and Hitch's first story arc, which sharply updated the rebirth of Captain America, the origin of the team, brought together to stop the Rampaging Hulk...

A big fan of The Ultimates, i admit to being reluctant about the DVD... initial reports that marvel passed on the networks to retain the flavor of the book had me hopeful that the uber-gritty edge of the original books would be reatained; however, advance reviews suggest that many of the cooler, dark elements are absent (for example, no domestic violence between Giant-man and Wasp [trust me, that mess was the bomb in the comic...]). still, i will give it a look, hopeful that it's not too bubble gum. after all, they could have made more money by going with fox kids or something.

if you see it first please let me know what you thought...
otherwise, i'll keep you posted.



On the Struggle of the Black Novelist...

Brian Gibson sent me an email about his struggle to publish his new novel that I will reprint here in its entirity:

"To Conscientious Readers: I once had a literary agent inform me that “black women only read romance novels, black men don’t read, and whites—both male and female—don’t read books written by blacks, unless of course they’ve been dead for about fifty years.

The point of him telling me this was to explain why he couldn’t represent me, “because,” he then said, “since you don’t write romance novels, no one will ever read your books. Now, the accuracy of his prediction is unknown to me; however, it is my profound hope that it is flawed, because, if true—that contemporary African American literature is now home to only one genre, romance—then, if writing today, James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Ralph Ellison could not be published unless abandoning their exalted prose for nonsense; and since these authors are some of the most creative minds Negroes have ever produced, whose works, I believe, are not only reflections of themselves but of a people as well, what the agent really meant was: Black people are absurd, mediocre, foolish, and trifling, and their art must reflect this, if it is to appeal to them.”
I am not here to debate whether the above conclusion is right or wrong; my goal is only to inform: My new book is a work of fiction; it is perhaps, in the wake of our disastrous 2005, the most necessary work by an African American writer in decades.

Maybe this is why every major literary agency declined to represent it: it wasn’t “black” enough, that is, it wasn’t absurd, mediocre, foolish, or trifling enough. I’ve since chosen to publish it myself; it is my supreme goal to prove the detractors wrong. But I can only accomplish this with the help of conscientious readers, whatever their race or gender.

By purchasing my novel, Karma Incarnate: The Best of Foolkiller, you’re not only acquiring a work that both informs and inspires, that, once again, raises the bar to where Baldwin first put it, but you’re also, through its successes, guaranteeing the publication of other significant books by authors whose works, for reasons I’ve already mentioned, might not ever see the light of day, instead remaining in the shadows of dark closets. With your help, African American authors can once again take our place in the sun.

Thank you.
Bryan Gibson
Brooklyn, New York"


My Comics...


i will be using this blog to post news on happenings about my assorted comics projects (did i mention i also make the darn things?) as well... that way, i don't hafta update my website in the middle of a project, but i also don't hafta keep my peeps in the dark about what i'm doin'...

for those unfamiliar with my work, here's the short list of what's in the works:
Dare! the Adventures of Darius Davidson

Dare is my "baby"... it's an action adventure comic that takes place in a world much like ours, BUT with superheroes, monsters, mad scientists, and other assorted dangerous junk like that...

Darius is not a superhero per se (at least not yet!)... he has no powers, special training, or high-tech doodads. still, he may be the greatest hero the world has ever seen!!!
anyways you can get caught up here, and expect more updates as news pops up, as i have BIG plans for the little man with the big hair...

Manchild: Birthday Boy
Manchild:Birthday Boy is the first in a short series of graphic novels i plan to do. Inspired by my fascination with manga, hip hop and social issues, i can honestly say that by the time this series of books is done, it will be the most violent, disturbing and mind-bending thing i have ever done. that said, it's gonna take a while... you'll be kept up to date on its progress for now, go here to read what i got so far...

Champion of Children

Champ is the result of the most satisfying collaboration of my young comics carreer. as part of ghostWerks comics, i got to contribute to what will surely be a houshold name, in Champion of Children, a comic about kid superheroes. Champ stars Little Madd Skillz, the latest kid hero to hold the proud title of Champion of Children (the hero all other young heroes defer to...). Maddy (she hates being called that, but i do anyways!) is 5 years old, and using the venerable Pure Skillz technique of martial arts, fights evil like nobody's bidness!

the book also features her friends and family, almost all of whom are heroes themselves (she's seen above with her big brother, former Champion Junior Raw), in a comic as much about family, friendship and growth spurts as it is about hellacious butt-kicking!

it's a book for kids, but so far, we have as many adult fans as kids! for the low, peep what we got so far at the (still under construction) website www.ChampionOfChildren.com, and confidentially, my man Corance has handed me a script for new Champ mini, Secret Scrolls, that is bananas!!!

stay tuned...


hip hop/comics fusion? who'da thunk it!

well, well, well... looks like people are starting to catch on...

it's getting to the point that media outlet reporters actually have developed ideas on the subject!
well you could bowl me over with a freaking feather! i've been hollerin' abot this since, like 1990?!?!? who knew i was a freaking vanguard, a harbinger of things to come, a voice crying out in the wilderness, a... well you get my drift.

good to see people are getting the point, recognizing and expanding the market! this is good news for all you comic book creators and publishers!!!


Afro Samurai..?

i swear, i did not make this up!!!

there really is a japanese comic called Afro Samurai! like many comics creators over here(including yours truly), japanese creator Takashi Okazaki had to self-publish.

Apparently, he did a good enough job to gain attention stateside... because his manga will be made into an American cartoon, with a feature film (starring Sam L. Jackson) in the works...
for more info on this, visit his website, or go here...


Dallas Mav's Dirk Nowitzki wins 3-point contest

i forgot it was all-star weekend!
i ain't about to sit here and lie like i watched the slam dunk and three point shootout... i was chillin' with my man nature at the Kharma Cafe in denton, planning the take over ... when i looked up and saw Dirk claim the 3pt crown!
NICE! the point is, i missed it... but here's what i gleaned from yahoo sports:

Nowitzki wins 3-point contest
By BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball WriterFebruary 18, 2006 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
HOUSTON (AP) -- Dirk Nowitzki barely escaped the first round. A few minutes later, he was finally the 3-point champion.
Nowitzki won the title Saturday night after coming close twice before, beating Gilbert Arenas and Ray Allen at All-Star weekend. ... (more)

props to Dirk... now get back to defensive drills!!!

Gangsta Boogie...

Gangtsa Boogie- For those who STILL don't think photography is an artform, you need to get your mind right... to that end, check out Boogie's website...

with subject matter ranging from brooklyn thuggery to european skinheads to hasidic judaism, Boogie will shock and surprise you with imagery and technique ranging from sublime to downright disturbing. yet his photos never seem to resort to the gratuitous, and they capture their subjects honestly...

but enough of my babbling, peep it your dang self!




BizMarkie's comin' to Dallas

yeah, so i'm one o' them OLD SCHOOL heads...

so, what's news to me?
"the original B.I.Z.M.A.R.K.I. with a E." is gonna be at Minc in Dallas, march 24th... just two short days after my Born day... NICE!

that intel came courtesy of my homegrrl in tha know ms. Alta (trust me, she knows about every event in Dallas worth goin' to, and she knows her ol' school hip hop... reckanize!!! ), so i'm gonna hafta be there!

BIZ comes from that era when YOU weren't QUITE into hip hop yet, but trust me, it was much, much LIVER back then. you need to come learn the game, suckaz...
anways, that's all for now... i will be revisting this with more as the date gets closer.



Detective Boogaloo: Hip Hop Cop by jamar nicholas

my man Jamar from Philly does this strip...

there's a gang of 'em on kevin smith's site moviepoopshoot (hey, i didn't name it..!), and he has been threatening to do more for a while now (artists...).

anyways, peep it (that's an order, soldier!) and give Jamar a holler and tell 'im i sentcha...




Comics Legend Frank Miller's "300" Adapted For Film

300, Frank Miller's Historical Epic about Sparta's battle with the legions of king Xerxes of Persia is being made into a hollywood movie. pencils and inks by miller. color by lynn varley

It seems tensiltown can't get enough of comics legend Frank Miller. After the success of Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Miller's Sin City series of graphic novels, the movie industry has decided to strike while the iron is hot. 300 will adapt the graphic novel of the same name, written and drawn by miller, with breathtaking color by his wife, Lynn Varley (note to self: break into comics industry, become living legend, marry brilliant comic book colorist, thus saving myself time AND money...). The story recounts the ancient battle in which 300 Spartans die valiently defying the Persian army, inspiring all of Greece to rise up against the unstoppable march of King Xerxes.

Anyways, as a true acolyte of Miller's, i figured it was my job to hip you to this impending Miller joint, which is due out in 2007 . peep the trailer here. i don't know if it will be a great movie or anything, but the graphic novel was the bomb, so i'll be in attendance, if only to scream on it... it will be shot by Dawn of the Dead director Zack Snyder. i will leave you to make of that what you will...


Progress Report: Beat Rabbi ceedee design...

as you may know, i'm working on the ceedee cover design for Beat Rabbi of local, yet not local hip hop crew, deepspace 5... i have unofficial logo designs here; these have yet to be approved by the artist, so feel free to put in your two cents!
anyways, there is certainly a bunch more to do, as i intend to do a full package design (inside and outside covers, the ceedee itself... etc)

that's it. lemme know what you think...


Free Hip Hop Show @Palm Beach in Dallas!

yeah, i know, this isn't until next week and in the blog world that's like twenty years...
however, i know how hip hoppers are known for their long-range planning and time-management skills, so here you go:

Dick Chaney: Killing Machine!

Chaney blasts his boys, so don't even think about what he'll do to YOU!!!

easy, now...

Clipse: "South of Heaven"

"There's a model for an album now and we go against that. There's a single, the club record, the girl record. But (new Clipse Album) Hell Hath No Fury is just one big-ass street record. I can't give you the girl record, because I'm mad. I ain't got nothing to say about women." - Malice of the Clipse... excerpted from the article in the new issue of FADER magazine... i'll cosign on that notion! if you're mad, get at me! WHAT?!


after all, she’s not even a real person. Although, I’ve been keeping an eye on her since grade school!

Now she’s getting hitched…
The beautiful Ororo, Storm of the X-men, is by far the most well-known black female character in comics. Storm made her debut waaaaay back in Giant-Sized X-men #1 as part of the “All New, All Different” revamp to the failing title that introduced fan-favorite characters like Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Wolverine.

Worshipped as a goddess because of her vast elemental powers, she nevertheless accepted Professor Xavier’s invitation to join his “school for gifted youngsters” as one of his globe-trotting X-men. She went on to become a mainstay on the team, even taking over more than once as the team’s leader. Thanks to her tenure on the Marvel‘s most popular superhero team, Storm is easily one of the most important female characters in comics.
And just who is going to marry such an important character? Storm will wed T’challa the Black Panther. T’challa was the very first black superhero, created by comics giants Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (between them, they created just about every major marvel hero and villain…). He debuted as an antagonist to marvel’s first family, The Fantastic Four, pretty much putting the smack down on ‘em, before they realized he was one of the good guys and teamed up with him against the real villain, the mad scientist Klaw.
The Black Panther is not a superhero in the technical sense… The mantel of the Black Panther is worn by the King of Wakanda, a technologically advanced African nation that has never been successfully invaded since its birth. As the Panther, T’challa is the political, religious and military leader of his people. Wakanda sits on land that is rich with oil that has never been tapped because they employ advanced alternative energy sources.

Anyways, Storm and T’challa will wed in the July issue of The Black Panther (#19). It will be written by BET exec and Hollywood director Reggie Hudlin, with art by veteran artist Scott Eaton. Expect more from me on this as the “blessed day” approaches…

Random comics News

DC will put new creative teams on a few of their books, including Superman and Batman’s Detective Comics. The new team to handle the Original Superhero is Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco. The team was first paired on Avengers Forever for Marvel Comics, but both have been hanging around the Distinguished Competition lately: Pacheco handled art chores most recently on Green Lantern with writer Geoff Johns, and drew an arc of Batman/Superman for Jeff Loeb. After penning the JLA/Avengers crossover, Kurt Busiek parlayed it into a gig on the regular JLA book, which in turn landed him on the Superman title.

Batman’s flagship book, Detective Comics, will be written by Batman: the Animated Series writer/director Paul Dini, with art by Rags Morales, who drew last years unqualified runaway hit, the superhero murder mystery Identity Crisis. Paul Dini’s Batman has been heralded by some (including me!) to be the most definitive Batman portrayal since Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Additionally, Rags Morales is at the top of his game. It will be interesting to see what will become of this pairing of two such stellar talents on one of the best superhero characters around.

Speaking of Superman… please tell me you have been checking out that Ultima… I mean All-Star Superman series by Grant Morisson and Frank Quitely. Not for nothing’, but that mess is the bomb!

Civil War is breaking out at marvel… apparently there is some sort of tragedy where hundreds of get hurt or killed, motivating the gov’t to pass a superhero registration law requiring all heroes to reveal their secret ID’s…this causes a schism between Avengers buddies Iron Man and Captain America, and spreads out, as all the heroes start taking sides. There will be serious repercussions for some heroes (notably my favorite, the Amazing Spider-man) as changes in public policy, perception, and the balance of power spread through the Marvel U… the miniseries, entitled simply Civil War, will be written by Ultimates scribe Mark Millar, with art by slick newcomer Steve McNiven, who’ll be inked by Dexter Vines.

Get Down… my main man Warren Ellis, writer of cult hit Planetary and the Ultimate Galactus trilogy is the busiest guy in comics. To my delight, he has teamed again with artist Cully Hamner to do Down (remember their last collabo: RED? i know i do...), a 4 issue miniseries about police detective Deena Ransome going undercover as a hitman (or would that be hit person..?) in order to take down a local crime lord. However, she may lose her humanity in the process: she has already killed cops, crooks and innocent bystanders… and this thing is only half over!!! COP IT!

R.I.P. Jay Dee (Updated...)

No More JAY DILLA? it's official... heavyweight underground producer Jay Dilla (Jaylib, Slum Village, Tribe Called Quest, Common) has passed away. if the name of this detroit maestro doesn't mean anything to you his music certainly has, since he is at the center of the soul-sampling movement that produced the sounds prevalent in hip hop today.

news of Jay's passing comes fresh on the release of Donuts, which Stones Throw Records press release describes as "a hip-hop album without MC's. An album of electronic music that at times

sounds like a 70s soul mixtape..."
i really didn't want to believe such a
prolific and versatile artist had passed, but it is now confirmed that he passed on friday.
for more information about Dilla and Donuts,
peep his page on Stone's Throws site.

peace, love, etc.

no more Jay Dilla?

there is a rumor going around that heavyweight underground producer Jay Dilla (Jaylib, Slum Village, Tribe Called Quest, Common) has passed away. while it is definitely true that he has had serious chronic health problems, so far i have been unable to find any official word on the detroit maestro...

this "news"comes as the artist releases Donuts, which Stones Throw Records press release describes as "a hip-hop album without MC's. An album of electronic music that at times
sounds like a 70s soul mixtape..."
i really don't want to believe such a
prolific and versatile artist has passed, nor do i want to spread rumors (which could just be a sick hoax or publicity stunt) as the truth, so i'll keep you
posted on what i find out...
for more information about Dilla and Donuts,
peep his page on Stone's Throws site.
peace, love, etc.

All's Fair in Love and... Commerce?

In preparation for the dreaded Valentine's Day, i've been working on online stores for my images, so you can cop teeshirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, greeting cards and other assorted swag from my drawings and paintings! whether you are into or anti Valentine's, there are both there (sometimes i'm into, sometimes i'm anti!). here are some images, and links to their online shops:

"There's A New Cupid In Town"

Gorgeous Destroyer

Gorgeous Destroyer (Red)

Are You Done Yet?

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide...
(or, if you prefer... )
Cupid Is Wack!

Couple of the Year

anyways, feel free to contact me with any questions,
or if there is a product you want to order, but don't see!
also, if you wanna set your own store (it's FREE!!)
here, or email me with your questions...
peace, love, etc.


Graphic Novel Review: Street Angel by Jim Rugg...

The Naked,Pink, Truth!
my first exposure to street angel was Street Angel #5. it had a picture of the young star holding two uzis and a vinette of blaxploitation has-been, Afrodisiac, as well as a really well-drawn cat head, amidst other details. all on a pink background that made it impossible to ignore (see cover below). to that end, i picked the book up and skimmed it several times. on the second or third store visit, i could no longer resist! i bought the damn thing (another reason why smart comic shops do NOT put books in boxes just because they didn't come out this week...), half-expecting to read it once and file it... to my surprise, this was a smart, funny parody/tribute to just about everything i love in independant comics!

unfortunately for me, this was, as i said, #5, so i had missed the previous material. nevertheless, i was excited at finding a new favorite comic. in telling my friends, i found they already knew about Street Angel (but had not told me... *HATE!*), and in fact, one of my peeps GAVE me issues 1-4 to make up for keeping me in the dark (*NICE!*).

Street Angel is
"the invincible,skateboarding, kung-fuing, pre-teen vigilantress..." the only hope for "the poor, the weak and the nice," battling against "hate, greed and nepotism" in wilkesborough, the worst ghetto in a city that makes gotham look like maybury!

there's ninjas, mad-scientists, pirates, an incan sun god sporting a phat africa medallion,plain-clothes superheroics, not to mention kids that smoke cigarettes and skip school! Rugg writes the book with a deadpan voice that makes it hard to tell when he's joking or making fun of something and when he is dead serious... and that makes it even more fun!

this is a comic clearly made by someone who does whatever he wants: there is an issue where street angel- a homeless kid, did i mention she's homeless?- spends the entire issue searching for food! it's this kind of creative determinism you see less and less of in mainstream entertainment, and rugg revels in it.

the format of the trade (front cover seen here) is charming. it's printed in a smaller size than usual (though not quite as small as the digest manga format), and is very convenient to pack around (i took it when i rode the bus from dallas to kansas city... an adventure in and of itself-but i digress),plus, it has the all-pink wrap-around cover, similar to the individual comics (there's nothing like the looks a 6ft 240-pound black man gets reading a pink graphic novel in a bus station...), a keen marketing decision (as i said earlier, that pink cover draws the eye as well as any mid-nineties foil-stamped, tripple nipple gatefold gimmick joint!), and all-around eye-pleaser. the trade collects all five issues of the series (please make more, mister rugg!!!), plus some additional select material from Rugg's 'zine days! but my favorite addition is the bio pages detailing street angel and other characters, including some that aren't even in the book, like the fearsome Wereshark (?!). because you need to know, the categories includes "smarts", "basketball skills" and "skate skills"...

the ONLY drawback of the trade is the exclusion of the "ninja dojo" feature from the original books, where ninjas teach you things you need to know: how to bake cookies, how to play the banjo, catch arrows, stuff like that!

however, they more than makes up for that with a diverse sampling of pin-ups by indie all-stars like mahfood, scott morse, and andy macdonald. so my advice: COP IT. it's published by Slave Labor Graphics, so order it online, or hassle your local comic shop or bookstore to order it. you'll be glad you did!
for more info, go to the Street Angel Website...
peace, love etc.

Valentine's Day Looms Like a Big, Pink Juggernaut...

"there's a new cupid in town" by samax.

okay, so we're in the pre-valentine's day pocket, so those of us who are single should be aware: this is the time of year when folks get all mushy and start asking why you don't have a girlfriend and when are you gonna have kids, blah-blah-blah...

apparently, all is still fair in the dating game, so watch your back... hormones are kicking into overdrive, and would-be partners are turning predatory to beat the spring rush!

if you're actually lookin' to get paired up, ya can't do it from the house fanboy (quit trying to meet quality babes on the internet, geek!)...

go out and meet some actual, unpixelated chicks, THEN use the internet as a diversion when she's getting her nag on!

just kidding, ladies! anyways, if you're in denton tonite, catch me at the rubber gloves. i'll be the one with the sketchbook...

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