"VISUAL FUNK" (Jim Mahfood's 256 page hardcover artbook) hits stores. PLUS Jim's first ever one man show in Los Angeles?

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jim Mahfood aka the mighty FOOD ONE. His career has the kind of arc to it that makes freelancers (especially cartoonists) salivate. He has cultivated a signature drawing and storytelling style that is equally at home in art galleries, advertising campaigns, corporate lifestyle re-branding efforts, comic shops,  hip hop jams and cartoon stations. His new hardcover art book Visual Funk celebrates Food’s in-progress indie rock star career, and will should impress even his critics with the variety and volume of the body of work he has generated in 16 years in the game…

Cover art, tracklist and release date for Sivion's album "Group Therapy"

Okay, so I got the privilege to do the album artwork for Sivion's long-awaited new album Group Therapy. I have heard the record, and it's dope! The wait is almost over for the rest of y'all...

Preview- SUBATOMIC PARTY GIRLS by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers and Erica Henderson

It's always great to find cool "band" genre comics, especially when they cross into traditional comic genres like sci-fi. Comics starring good female characters, and drawn by women are dope too. Sooo, here's some pages from Subatomic Party Girls #1 & 2...

#nowPlaying "Ancient Tongue" by Pruven

I got an invitation on Twitter to review an album called Designed Growth Destiny by Connecticut-based emcee Pruven. Before responding, I decided to look into him a little bit, to make sure his music wasn't garbage. [That sounded harsh... but I get a lot of music submissions, and a lot of them... well, y'know...] I found this EP called Ancient Tongue on bandcamp. Here's my two cents...

Coming Soon- "CHEW: BAD APPLES" Trade Paperback

If you're one of the people who tradewaits* for CHEW- the balls-out sci-fi action comedy starring Tony Chu, a federal agent that gets psychic impressions from anything he eats- you're in luck! Because CHEW Volume 7: BAD APPLES drops in just a few short weeks.

Wolverine vs The Black Panther. FIGHT!

 Three of my favorite Marvel Universe characters (Storm, Wolverine and T'challa the Black Panther) are on the cover of Wolverine #8 (I guess this is the New 52 Wolverine or something... I haven't been paying attention), and it features the mighty Alan Davis/Mark Farmer amalgam on the art. I'm still not gonna buy it, but thanks for trying Marvel!

Seattle Weekly ♥'s GM Contributor JOSH BOULET!

 Nuff respect to GhettoManga contributor Joshua Boulet, whose art is all up and through the new issue of Seattle Weekly!

"They wanna pit rap against hip hop. Same thang. Like blue in the vein, red in the air. Same gang." @Th3oryHazit

If you didn't know blood was blue when it's in the veins because there isn't any oxygen in it, and only turns red in the arteries after it gets oxygen from the lungs (or when it is spilled into the oxygen-rich air)... or that the Bloods is a gang that wears red... or that there was a song called All in the Same Gang about the desire for truce between the Bloods and the Crips (a rival gang who wear blue), then I understand why that line doesn't impress you like it does me. Listen to this record Thelonious Long Play anyway when you got an hour to burn...

My apologies to all Sivion's fans...

It's all my fault. If you are one of the people waiting patiently on Sivion's upcoming record Group Therapy, I confess to being the hold-up. The album (which is REALLY dope) has been done for a while, but Sivion tapped me to do the cover art and frankly, it took me forever to complete. I'm not going to leak the artwork, so I drew this joint this morning. I'm a big fan of Sivion's, and I can honestly say, this is his best record to date.

"Disappear fear and eradicate doubt. Say something real or shut your damn mouth..." @WiseIntelligent

Wise Intelligent was back in my inbox this morning with this banger, and I had to share it with you. Top 50 is an ode to Wise's career spent mostly under the radar, just to the right of the slim slice of hip hop culture represented by corporate-backed television and pop radio critique...

"BlackGuard" artist drops "Cowboy Bebop"-inspired instrumental, and draws own artwork!

A few minutes ago Righteous the Poet (aka Willie "don't call me Will" Smith of BOSC Comics) dropped this artwork and instrumental Jaded Wings on Facebook and I HAD to repost it...

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