"BlackGuard" artist drops "Cowboy Bebop"-inspired instrumental, and draws own artwork!

A few minutes ago Righteous the Poet (aka Willie "don't call me Will" Smith of BOSC Comics) dropped this artwork and instrumental Jaded Wings on Facebook and I HAD to repost it...

"I HAD to do this sample..." Confesses the artist on his soundcloud page. "One of my fave songs, from my fave scene of my all time fave show, Cowboy Bebop..."

"The scene from episode five, Ballad of Fallen Angelswhere Vicious shoves Spike through the Church window. It's only one of the most symbolic scenes in the series. The sample comes from the song Green Bird by Yoko Kanno(composer) and Gabriela Robin(vocals)."
Anyways, when he's not making tracks from anime classics, Willie does the art on the irreverent superhero comedy comic BlackGuard, which stars a resurrected Civil Rights era hero trying to reform a team of supervillains  Click here to peep it!


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