Preview- SUBATOMIC PARTY GIRLS by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers and Erica Henderson

It's always great to find cool "band" genre comics, especially when they cross into traditional comic genres like sci-fi. Comics starring good female characters, and drawn by women are dope too. Sooo, here's some pages from Subatomic Party Girls #1 & 2...
The Sales pitch:
Cleo, Libby and Vette are Beryllium Steel, the hottest power pop trio in the world -- and they're about to be the hottest band in outer space! When a plan to make them the first band to perform live on the moon goes wrong, they find themselves on the wrong side of the galaxy, faced with space pirates, intergalactic crime bosses and no way to get home. Their only option: ROCK OUT!

This is actually NOT the first comic I have seen lately about a band of girl rockers who wind up in outer space (that would be this), but there is definitely room in the genre (and on my book shelf) for both of them.
Anyways, this looks dope. Subatomic Party Girls #1 is available on Comixology for 99 cents, and the second issue drops tomorrow August 14th.


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