When I read the first Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur trade, I didn't like it as much as I wanted to, not because it wasn't good, but... Wait.  I'm getting ahead of myself.  You probably showed up to see this preview of  Moon Girl #29, not to read my rambling.  So I'll show you the preview FIRST, and ramble second.

IN STORES NOW - Black Panther #171

GhettoManga Funnies- STORMY: No She DIDN'T! by Samax Amen

 Y'all already know we at GhettoManga can't STAND Donald Trump...You probably also know the Stormy Daniels interview dropped this weekend, so our social meteors are leaving all kinds of impact craters in the President's face. I hadn't watched the interview myself, but I drew a sketch in my big book this morning about it anyways. Response to the sketch was energetic, so I cleaned it up to make a proper black and white political cartoon...

#NowPlaying- JIREN THE GREAT by Napoleon Da Legend

Your favorite nerdcore rapper can't get no respect because real emcees like Napoleon Da Legend are rhyming over Dragonball Super clips.


Our friends over at the Fusebox Radio Broadcast dropped a new episode of the podcast building on the latest string of celebrity deaths, goofy backlash memes, and other cultural goings on.  Then they get on the wheels and do the musical knowledge...

BLACK PANTHER VS JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! Wait... not really...

Yes, I clicked on this cover that has an obvious Black Panther knock-off ripping the techno-jugular out off'a the highest-ranking African-American superhero in the DC Universe fully prepared to talk about how pop-culture stays pitting black Americans against our African counterparts, but I was clearly getting ahead of myself, because Justice League's scribe PRIEST helped make BLACK PANTHER the phenom he is in the first place.  Let's jump back and preview the previous issue, then see if it helps us contextualize this one.

Ah, so MIGHTOR is black now? I can dig it...

Nostalgia on 10!  (((airhorn)))

IN STORES NOW- Bombshells United #14

 I love Bumblebee.  That's all.  


Yeah, it's my birthday, but I'm not feeling sweet or nothing, so I'm bumping Metal Detectors, the new Callabo record from the late Sean Price and his Brooklyn BFF Illa Ghee...

On Repeat- MAGNOLIA by DAVID BANNER f/ CeeLo & Raheem DeVaughn

Although it has been out for at least a week, Mississippi monster/mogul David Banner dropped the video for Magnolia on his YouTube channel today, and I just watched it a few times before posting it here for you...


Kaiju illustrator extraordinaire Frankie B. Washington posted about TWO awesome projects Kaiju Vs. Cancer, AND KAIJU GODS which only has a day or so to reach its goal!

DJINNX #5 by J.R. LeMar & Samax Amen

 I have spent enough time unemployed and struggling to know that when you're desperate, you aren't careful enough about what you wish for...

"I'm on a mission from the Kingdom of God. Do away with emcees representin' Nimrod" -Craig Mack #rip

I was shocked this morning to find out that Craig Mack, one of my favorite rappers of the golden era of Bad Boy Records, has died near his home in Walterboro, South Carolina.

#NowPlaying at GhettoManga HQ- the BASQUIAT documentary

As a difficult, dreadlocked, black hip hop-soaked painting student at the University of North Texas in the mid-nineties, I was constantly being compared to Jean-Michel Basquiat.  It was incredibly patronizing and irritating, but the more I learned about him, the more I enjoyed the comparison.  But I'm not a huge star getting 5 figures for my paintings, so instead of talking about me, let's look at this documentary about Basquiat that I ran into on YouTube today...

"The role of blacks in half the movies. I ain't have a weapon, you ain't hafta shoot me. Yo, that's propaganda..." -Napoleon Da Legend

I haven't posted any joints from Napoleon Da Legend in a minute, but when this video for PROPAGANDA dropped into my email inbox, I knew I was gonna post it here for you...

OMFGhost Rider by Jim Mahfood

OMFGhost Rider by Jim Mahfood
 This Ghost Rider commission by the mighty Jim Mahfood got me fucked up! Here's some more FOOD for your soul, snatched from the jaws of Facebook...

Black Panther, Usagi Yojimbo,and more by Sai Rodrigues

 If you're feeling this Usagi Yojimbo fan art by Sai Rodrigues, just wait til you see the slew of his  Black Panther character sketches I posted below...

New(ish) Drawing "Velocity Girl" by Samax Amen

Check out this character artwork I did for my dude KC Christenson of Kings County Comics.  This is his character Velocity Girl.

DJINNX #4 by J.R. LeMar and Samax Amen

We are sex-positive here at GhettoManga, so we ain't hatin' on this dude's wish in this week's episode of DJINNX...  Let's see how it works out for him...

NEW STICKER- BBWW2018 by Samax Amen

March is here, fam!
Just wanted to drop a quick message about BBWW2018!  I colored this image last week and decided I would make it available as a 3" x 3" vinyl sticker for $5 (free domestic shipping).  Just click the button below to pre-order.

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