Malcolm Dragon's world is going straight to HELLLLLLL!!! or... IN STORES TODAY- SAVAGE DRAGON #199

 Y'all know I reserve a soft spot in my heart for Erik Larsen's looney as folk creator-owned super hero comic SAVAGE DRAGON, so I'm sure you know I'm getting excited for issue 200! But hold up, let's not glaze over the monster effort Larsen put into these spreads from issue 199...

The EXCELLENT adventures of Marvel's mighty Muslim-American superheroine continue!

I can't tell you how pleased I was to look at the latest preview of Ms. Marvel and see that G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona are still working on the book. As I have said before, Wilson and Alphona are doing a splendid job on Ms. Marvel, and I think it's mad important to have a consistent creative team on a fledgling book with a promising new character.

#nowPlaying "Running on Empty" by @SuperAnkoma

"See, the truth is 
some of y'all claiming that ya ruthless
forgot about the art of making music."

Yo... That new "Mike Tyson Mysteries" trailer got me f****d up... (shout out to @ZERUDAH)

Human link-sharing machine showed me this new trailer for the upcoming Adult Swim show Mike Tyson Mysteries, which made me laugh so hard I had to pass it on...

Check out this STEVEN UNIVERSE #3 preview from @BOOMstudios!

 I became an instant fan of Cartoon Network's Steven Universe when I stumbled onto the KABOOM series of Steven's misadventures as the mostly powerless member of the Crystal Gems superhero squad. STEVEN UNIVERSE is like Snarf or Orko having their own series while the Lion-O, He-man or whoever are off saving the world in the background.  Anyways, I was late to the party, but I'm glad to be here. Peep this preview of Steven Universe #3

"They say that those that can't do teach, but those that can't teach ain't got no room to speak" @MegaRan

I went looking for some music to draw to and ran across this heater Faculty Lounge (remix) by Mega Ran, off his 2012 album Language Arts Volume 3. This joint features Donwill, Sammus and the mighty Homeboy Sandman. Good stuff...

"The Wolf of Wall Street" meets "Kill Bill"? And the Bride is a SISTA? I'm SO DAMN DOWN with "THE NAMES"

I ran across this cover to the second issue of Peter Milligan's new murder mystery The Names, and was so mesmerized by the cover art by Celia Calle that I had to snoop out preview art from the first couple issues and post it below...

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