"The Wolf of Wall Street" meets "Kill Bill"? And the Bride is a SISTA? I'm SO DAMN DOWN with "THE NAMES"

I ran across this cover to the second issue of Peter Milligan's new murder mystery The Names, and was so mesmerized by the cover art by Celia Calle that I had to snoop out preview art from the first couple issues and post it below...
Here's the sales pitch:
New York City. Forty-year-old Kevin Walker is a successful trader. He’s incredibly rich. He has a young, sexy wife and a son he adores. He has everything. Until…
The mysterious man known as the Surgeon walks into Kevin’s office. He takes a seat and tells Kevin to write a suicide note. Trembling but obedient, Kevin does what the Surgeon says. Then, at a word from this well-dressed figure, Kevin jumps out his window and falls fifty stories to his death.
Thus begins THE NAMES, an 8-issue miniseries by writer Peter Milligan (HELLBLAZER, SKREEMER) and artist Leandro Fernandez (Wolverine, Punisher: Max). THE NAMES is a dark, contemporary thriller set in the world of Big Money: hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, market raids, flash crashes. High-end finance that can ruin entire economies, run by a cabal of the world’s richest (and sickest) people.
Now, it’s up to Katya Walker – the beautiful and deadly wife of the late Kevin – to take on this hidden power structure and find out who killed her husband, and why. No matter what it takes. No matter who she has to kill.
It’s The Wolf of Wall Street meets Kill Bill. And heaven help the 1%.
Kiss me you fool...

If this was a movie, it would be rated S, for SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. This concept is golden, the character designs are sick and I trust Peter Milligan to keep the ball rolling. I'm really digging the art by Leonardo Fernandez. I never heard of him before, but he has great range. He brings a lot of visual interest to what could easily have been boring talking head stuff. He clearly relishes the chance to portray the wide range of emotions in Milligan's scripts.  And I hope they keep Celia Calle on covers. This whole creative team... SICK!

So anyways, The Names #1 and 2 are in stores now, so handle that.

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corance said...

This mess looks like it could be the bomb!

samax amen said...

Indeed. I'm definitely intrigued...

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