Speedpaint video EUROPA by David Dennis

Peep this speedpaint video for Europa by professional illustrator, animator, storyteller David Dennis.

#NowPlaying- "3 Lyrical P's" by SEAN PRICE f/ Prodigy + Styles P #riP

Just heard this new Sean Price track 3 Lyrical Ps (f/ Prodigy & Styles P) on YouTube... Soooo I drew a gorilla?  Yes.  That's how it works...

Video- Joshua Boulet Makes Comics

My dude Josh Boulet posted a quick video showing you his process for making comics, and I figured it would be neat to check out!

Fan Art Friday #8 - The Tick

This week for #FanArtFriday I drew The Tick!

The GOP FAIL Parade on Healthcare Reform continues...

Caroline Kelly's ongoing Facebook meme portraying the Republican attempts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act as a game of DND got me dying over here...


 I ran into this incredible graphic novel project Acid of the Godz on Kickstarter today, and I HAD to share it.  Too dope to ignore...

#FanArtFriday Week 7- The Mighty THOR!

This week for #FanArtFriday I drew Thor, one of my all-time favorite characters!  I actually drew this Thursday (literally "Thor's Day") morning, but I decided to offer it up for #FanArtFriday this week anyways!

#NowPlaying CHASE ME by Dangermouse, RTJ + Big Boi

Full disclosure: I have not seen the movie Baby Driver,  so I can't speak to its quality, but I freaking LOVE this Danger Mouse song Chase Me (f/ Run the Jewels & Big Boi), and the video at least makes the movie look awesome...

FELIPE SMITH is back on his creator-owned shit with his first Kickstarter campaign!

Check out this video (and some screencaps) from the Kickstarter campaign to launch the brand new creator-owned comic from GhettoManga Award-winning writer-artist Felipe Smith (All-New Ghost Rider, Peepo Choo, MBQ).   Based on teaser images Felipe had been sharing on Twitter, I thought this new project was gonna be a straight Los Angeles buddy cop story.  Boy, was I wrong!

#nowPlaying Dilla Instinct by Noveliss

Right now at GhettoManga HQ we're bumping the shit outta Dilla Instinct, a fitting tribute to one of the most venerated producers ever, by Noveliss, a promising young emcee from the magnificent Motor City crew Clear Soul Forces...

PREVIEW- Astonishing X-men by Charles Soule and Jim Cheung

 I can't say I even know what's going on with the X-Men these days.  But I'm a big fan of Jim Cheung's art, Old Man Logan, Bishop wearing cornrows, and Warren Worthington as winged Death... So here's some preview pages and variant covers from the new Astonishing X-Men #1...

New video IMPERIUS REX by Sean Price #riP!

Yeah, peep the brand new animated video for title track to Sean Price's upcoming posthumous album Imperius Rex, courtesy of the fine folks at Duck Down... 

#FanArtFriday- VENOM!

UNCHAINED, (my tee shirt collab with Awready Merch) is still available in select sizes

If you've been thinking about buying one of these UNCHAINED teeshirts, this is the time to do it.  I have run out of some sizes and only have a few left sizes small, medium, large, and XL. 

All orders are GREATLY appreciated!

Insomniac Rap Show- Wise Intelligent's THIS SPACE speaks to YOUR concerns about hip hop

You already know I'm a huge fan of revolution rhyme pioneer Wise Intelligent.  You should anyway... This video for the soul-searing banger This Space (off his album Stevie Bonneville Wallace, Back 2 School 4th Period) was a welcome release from the assorted brands of fuckery dropped in my feeds this holla day weekend.


This is the funniest shit I saw all day today...

#FanArtFriday Jean Grey

#FanArtFriday Jean Grey by Samax Amen

#KickstartTHIS- FIGHT OF THE CENTURY a Mixed Martial Arts Sci-fi Graphic Novel

You already know we are fired up for the MMA comic Fight of the Century, the tooth-rattling brainchild of action-junkies Nick and Troy-Jeffrey Allen (BAMN).  So now that their Kickstarter is live, let's just jump into this preview art...

#FanArtFriday- Diana of Themyscira

Best. Prodigy. Tribute. Ever. #ripProdigy

 People are always questioning the hip hop credibility of Marvel, saying it's just a "money grab" doing the hip hop tribute covers.  I say that's bullshit, because dudes I know at Marvel  like Deadpool artist Mike Hawthorne sweat hip hop, son.  He shared these two sketches from his Little RED Sketchbook today in remembrance of the recent passing of legendary emcee Prodigy of Mobb Deep...

#NowPlaying OOH WEE (SHAKIYLA PT 4) by Gensu Dean + Wise Intelligent

Wise Intelligent is back on his Shakiyla shit again, yo... 

Start the day off right w/ Method Man's new video EVICTION f/ Dave East + company

Here's a nice new video for Method Man joint Eviction, off his upcoming album Methlab 2 to help you wake up...

New video- GOOD COP/BAD COP by Ice Cube


#nowPlaying HOSE DOWN by the Perceptionists

Legendary Boston emcees Mr. Lif and Akrobatik have announced a new Perceptionists album Resolution.  Looks like they're blending conscious hip hop's historical literacy with a mainstream rap sound with the lead single Hose Down (f/Syne).

Cool "Mer May" process video by Starline Hodge

For all my fellow mermaid heads out there (you know who you are), I thought I would share this speedpaint video by indie cartoonist and illustrator Starline Hodge.

The Year of the Panther is here- First poster and teaser trailer for BLACK PANTHER

 Y'all know what it is...  After the events of Captain America: Civil War, T'Challa takes his place on the throne of Wakanda.

"Whenever a man is brave, a giant wakes up somewhere..." -Romeo Reboot

I was aimlessly browsing on Facebook this afternoon and came upon this awesome Shakespeare-scrambling short film ROMEO REBOOT, directed by multi-disciplinary storyteller Rafael Grampa, whose name was burned into my memory as the visionary creator behind the graphic novel Mesmo DeliveryPeep...

#FanArtFriday- Spiderman drawing for sale!

Wanna buy this drawing I made of Spider-man?  Of course you do! 

OH KAAAAAYEEEee (lil john voice)


#nowPlaying "MEDICINE" by Zion I

Kinda depressed today... fortunately Zion I dropped a new single...  That KINDA makes me feel better...
Peep Medicine , featuring Eligh.

#NowPlaying "THE SEVEN" EP by Styles P and Kweli

Just got back from Africafest, and sitting down at the drawing board with The Seven by Talib Kweli and Styles P bumping in the background...

The Brother has been busy...

 Jay Kelley's messianic African time-traveler The Brother returned to my drawing table this week to help me and Jay vent our frustrations with President Trump and the Legion of Extraordinary Super-Bastards he calls a Cabinet.  But like Trump, the Brother has been busy lately...

The video for "MARIA" by @3DNaTee got me fucked up! Let's get familiar...

Generally speaking, people love the myth that female rappers can't spit.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe dudes like to horde all the quick-thinking ladies to themselves?  Maybe their egos can't handle the thought that a woman can bury their favorite emcee in bars?  Maybe they are afraid of being let down again like Sean Price (riP)

Who knows...  Anyways, a dude shared this video for Maria by New Orleans spitter 3D Na'Tee on one of the groups I'm in.



Tweet of the Week + The Terminator VS Donald Trump

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