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Well, it's February.  So whether you like it or not, it's the season of mushy stuff.  JustMe & Cas Metah gave in to the mighty pink juggernaut with this jam Irreplaceable, longside Cappadona and D1 (with additional vocals from Noelle Rose).

The sales pitch:
Peep the latest single from JustMe & Cas Metah!

“Irreplaceable” features Wu Tang Clan’s Cappadonna and the always killer D1 does the hook (with additional vocals by Noelle Rose). Beat by Temper. Regular Version and Radio Edited Version both available!
Irreplaceable is the 2nd single of JustMe and Cas Metah's upcoming album (I didn't catch the name), but you can romance your significant other with the joint right now via bandcamp.


Samax Amen creates art on computers, canvas, faces, stages, and pages. He also helps create many great comics you never heard of, and creates his own comics sometimes.  Samax started GhettoManga in 2003 to galvanize his audience and promote the people, places, and things he loves.

THE MELANITES follows a pantheon of super powered beings that take an interest in the development of Earthly society, and the response of human gangsters, civilians, and authorities to the presence of these mysterious demigods. Whatever their origins, the Melanites have landed for better or worse.
Written by Tyger Ra-Seth Moore and Corance Davis.  
Art by Pitch
Cover by Owen Charles
Full color
Available as Instant Download
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Samax Amen is proud to present #FreelancingFAIL, a series of articles, comic strips, and illustrations about the common mindsets and habits that hold artists, writers, and other freelancers back.  More importantly, in this 70+ page e-book, Samax shows you how to overcome them and thrive!
Full color
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