#NowPlayingAtGhettoMangaHQ THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD by TankAndTheBangas

I fell in love with Tank (frontwoman of Tank and the Bangas) along with the rest of the world when the latest amazing band from NOLA appeared on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series in 2017.  Equally comfy rhyming or crooning, the tiny artist whose vocals and lyrics are as heavy as her name has only blossomed into a more and more impressive artist since then.  

Tank and the Bangas' new video There Goes The Neighborhood tackles one of the black community's most persistent specters with the cheerful melancholy I've come to expect from them.

Hey fam, you want 12 stickers for $25?



As you may know, I'm Art Director/Assistant Project Manager on the indie comic The Melanites. They brought me in to make sure everything remains raw!

My first issue as AD, THE MELANITES #2, is now LIVE on

11 Years Later, I'm still Bumping This Underground Gem

Lines tighter than a body builder's definition
with an undying will, my mother said I'd never listen"

I recite this quote (from the song PHOENIX by Napoleon Da Legend, produced by Crazy Al Cayne, off their 2011 album The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol #1: Napoleon Da Legend) on a regular basis (especially when someone compliments my linework)...

Watch This Animated Video for the Calypso Song A BETTER TOMORROW

 Love afros, inspirational songs, anime-influenced cartoons, and black female superheroes?  Yeah, me too.  So I was excited to find out that the video for Terri Lyon's Calypso jawn A Better Tomorrow has been selected to five film festivals and is a finalist in two of them!  

Check out the video below: 

For Hip Hoppers Only


Hey fam,

Here's a quick blast about all the hip hop jawns that's in my headphones at the moment.

Heads Up! Mike Hawthorne's ALL CITY VOLUME 0 is ON SALE

Mike Hawthorne's beautiful hardcover art book ALL CITY VOLUME 0 is on sale for a limited time, so I recorded a video and what not

"Can a Thug Be Born Again" by Corance Davis

On 2/2/19,  the creator and founder of B.A.T. Industries, Tyrone “Tyger” Moore messaged me with the idea for a one-page story explaining the philosophy of Born Again Thugs.

He had a vision for a story we could do right then that wouldn’t compromise the main story of the Melanites comic. It would be a one-page story about what Born Again Thugs stood for. 

That begs the question, what does Born Again Thugs stand for?

#NowPlayingAtGhettoMangaHQ MODUS OPERANDI by Napoleon Da Legend

People always ask me what I'm listening to, only to be disappointed that they never heard of the rhymers I eff wit.

One of the most prolific and high quality rhymers I know if is Napoleon Da Legend.  His new record Modus Operandi is just the latest in a long line of dope records from a true underground legend.

Work in Progress- SHADOWEYES FOR GOOD by Sophie Campbell

Everybody knows I'm a huge fan of Sophie Campbell, especially of her cute and gritty monster hero comic Shadoweyes.

Daily Sketch. Plus a contest.

Hey there!  Here's my first Daily Sketch of the New Year!  If you want to have my new sketches emailed to your email inbox, subscribe here.

Between client work, seasonal blahs, and family issues, I haven't been keeping up my Daily Sketching like I wanted to. 


I did draw something today!

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