#NowPlaying "get behind." by Theory Hazit

"I could do a album in a week I'm Theory Hazit
I do this in my sleep I probably do this in my casket
One thing's for sure is that your love is pure magic
But I'm workin on myself, baby. Sorry, you're a distraction..."

You gotta say the whole thing. Yes, every time...

I have never been to New Jersey.  My sister was born there, and my other sister lived there for a while, but I've never been.  Still, as a hip hopper I recognize the massive contributions New Jersey has made to the culture.  Some you know:  RedmanLords of the UndergroundPoor Righteous TeachersLauryn Hill an'em.  

Thanks to the internet, I have become aware of tons more incredible musicians from the Garden State that are not yet household names: Venomous2000, King Ra, Conscious Operations, and more...

Now I can add The Band Called FUSE to the list.

"Similar to survivor. Ambitions of a rider. My mission is to guide you." -Zion I

Feast your ears on this spirit bomb 2 Eyes by Zion I and Born I (two I's... I see what you did there) on a nutty track by Nato Feelz (his mama named him Nathan Fields)

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